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"Everybody Lies"
-Dr. Gregory House

I was using "Torch" and thought it was cool, because it looks and feels very much like chrome. As a browser with a built in torrent downloader, I thought was a plus. I really disliked it when the day I opened the browser and all the torrents I downloaded had vanished. After that I went back to utorrent and got rid of "Torch".
Back in the day, I started off with IE & Netscape Have used Firefox & Opera.
Opera was cool & fun to use, but it wasn't fit for me, so I can't really bash it.
I think Firefox is becoming too much like IE. I stopped using it about four years ago.
Know I am stuck on chrome and love it. Everything seems to fit since I use Google's "Music Manager", "Google Drive" & "Google+ Auto Backup".
I have used some other browsers that don't get much mentioning.
Safari (for Windows)
Sea Monkey
Out of this list I would recommend Maxthon (older versions). Just for the look and feel. The skin is changeable (there are lots to download) and you can backup your bookmarks.
I have decided to take a little trip back in time. Right now I am watching "The Golden Girls" (Tid Bit: Betty White is the only surviving "Golden Girl"). In conjunction, I will also be watching WKRP in Cincinnati.
The Big Bang Theory I'm early in season 2

TBBT is the bomb. It's Funny and has gotten me through some depressing moments. Plus Kaley Cuoco is hot.
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I love your thread. Thank you for posting. Enjoy reading the many comments on how many users found KAT.biggrin
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I totally agree!!!
Every day.
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I liked what you did by adding the guides and tutorials. I'm always looking for post like these. Thx.
House M.D.
Olivia Wilde Is HOT!!!
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