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If you could find me a copy of Saint Odd (Odd Thomas #7)
by Dean Koontz, Please biggrin Any format will do but epub would be a bonus ^_^
I had both 32Bit and 64Bit in one iso, which iv used before and it had worked fine.
Thank you everyone who helped me, Its greatly appreciated. This is why i love the KickAss community
Great thanks ill look into it now ^_^
tried that already didnt work, but iv fixed it now
OK good news Win 7 64bit installed ^_^ Can anyone recommend a good software for updating drivers ?
I first download my windows 7 Iso when Win 7 first came out lol i think i my need to get a more updated version.
Ahh ok thanks
Im installing Win7 again hopefully 64bit, if that does not work ill take alook in bios and what is says
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