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Not happy with what windows has to offer!
This thread is for 100% free programs to make your windows experience better..
I would like to think YOU have something to offer other people to Enjoy! please Add if you do (It can be Anything!)..
I'll start with a few..
VLC Media player..
This player almost plays anything related to Movies/Music and is updated quite regulary
KAT Thread - Official Site
Windows Security Essentials
Is a free Antivirus-Spyware-Malware program and a good one!
Info - Download
Come On! What have you got to OFFER!
Here's a few from a bambamsam post, thankyou
Open source Windows utility for manipulating archives
site with free Windows programs
torrent client
-Belarc Advisor=
tells you about your computer, software, operating system, MS hotfixes installed or not installed
Image Manipulation Program
Open source SVG graphics editor
Mail client
- sketchup=
3D software tool
- Hiren's BootCD=
Boot-time repair disc
-FreeMake software=
download audio & video from the web for FREE
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100% free
A great program to edit HTML code, CSS, javascript, and more.
Easy to install and use.
100% free
A great program to edit HTML code, CSS, javascript, and more.
Easy to install and use.

Sublime Text
Better than N++
$59, but there's a full fledged time-unlimited trial.
I'd buy it if I could :)
I've just been through the whole thread and was surprised that no one mentioned IrfanView for image viewing. It may be old, but it's good.
some stuff on

thanks for all the stuffs
DropBox - 92GB of free storage to any comcputer online or more easily accessible when installed.

MP3Tag - Music tagging (For you anal-retentive people out there like me)

Virtual Box - Install virtual operating systems. (Though if you don't have any installation discs [Like Windows or Mac] you will have to torrent the ISO's.. Linux although is a free opportunity)

Don't know if any of these were what you are looking for.

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Just came across a great pdf viewer. Its free, portable and super-small wrt adobe reader.

Sumatra PDF


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more apps:
tuneup utilities - fixes up pc problems
winamp - better media player
daemon tools - used to open iso files
ScreenHunter Free 6.0.201, Debut Video Capture 1.64, Leap Free MP3 to AMR Mobile Ringtone Converter, for fun stuff.
Win ASO Registry Optimizer 4.7.5 (10 entries at a time, but very good), DriverMax 6.15 (keep your drivers up to date), CCleaner 3.15.1643 & CCEnhancer 2.51, Malwarebytes, FileHippo (very choosy about what software they have), CNET Tracker 2.1.069 to keep software up to date & for tons of free software downloads, Aconis True Image Western Digital Edition 2010, build 14157, SeaTools for Windows 1206 from Seagate, Soluto Boot & Browser Manager & Monitor, WinPatrol 24.0.2012.1 Startup Menu Manager Plus, AdAware 9.6.0,
well, so much apps
Ultradefrag - an open source, small, fast defragmenter with shell integration (right click-defragment file, folder etc). Keeps my disks happy.

win32whois - Quoting the author:"Win32Whois is a free, small and efficient tool that lets you retrieve registration information for a particular domain or website. It takes URL, hostname or IP address and will generate a detailed report listing all the available technical and contact information it can find. The generated report can be saved as a file or used to track down website owners, administrators or spammers."
Since we all do offer some sort of services over the internet, it is wise to know who's who wink

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Hash-tab - to view md5, sha1 and other hashes of a file.

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