What are you playing right now? (Games)

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Mr.White5280 user
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Just another popular thread.

GTA Chinatown Wars on PSP
The game is totally awesome! The best one for psp so far!
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FrauKohl7280 Translator
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Alan Wake for PC and Mass Effect 2 in preparation for ME3
GLaDOS_Victim561 User
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Mass Effect 3 demo CO-OP.

Looking forward to start playing Skyrim, ordered it a few days ago.
ashura8041 User
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kingdom of amalur the reckoning on pc ; assassin lvl 31 . great game and better than skyrim
skuxx139 User
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CS source,GTA,Battle field............... lots more bro :)
I_am_a_User985 User
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Skyrim, Super MNC Invitational, Mass Effect 2(before 3 comes out), Plants vs Zombies GotY, Dear Esther, Realm of the Mad God
Still working on finishing; RAGE, Bioshock, Deadspace
carrion811114 User
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Tribes Ascend Closed Beta i urge you guys to sign up for it if you like shooters. I got my invite with in 4 hours good luck biggrin

Been playing this game a lot myself. Very fast paced. Reminds me of Unreal Tournament. xD
Warpigg4613 Super User
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Angry Birds sleepy
russellaj1324 User
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Kws_LoG174 User
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can someone explain me something? Why there are so many noobs in League of Legends?? I dont get it. How can you be noob at the easiest game in the world??? Funny thing is that in every game all the professional players are at the opposite team!!! i hate noobs.
devinsetsfire250 User
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counter strike 1.6

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