When You Log In Say Hello When You Leave Say Goodbye!

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Bubanee115370 KAT's Original Spy
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I notice a lot of people come and go and say hello or goodbye all over the place or Neither...

So when ya log in and you feel like saying Hello....
And the same for saying Goodbye! :)

Please Do!..
I'll be the first and say Hello.. but i am going for awhile so it's Goodbye from me and you all behave now
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HUNTER_SG20515 User
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nw i m going to sleep so GOOD NIGHT KAT ALL USERS..
liljc4203342 User
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Hey All!!!!biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin
Tuffnut16713 Super User
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Good Night guys! See you later!sleepy
CfF20029476 Super User
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G64.143234 Forum Moderator
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goodnight peeps
PiratMas18909 Translator
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Need rest i'll be back!
Bayfia16414 KAT Elite
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Hello, dear friends, I hope y'all have not been too worried about my absence for the last 3 days. No, I didn't fall off the face of the planet, or go to jail (knock on wood). I simply had another go (Round 3) at battling the Win32 virus, and coping with my aging PC.
For the past 3 days my PC's been back in the shop, the result of my downloading the Win32 virus in a torrent I got from TPB (***sigh***) (It was an MP3 Rocket Pro app torrent, for those who are curious.) But the REAL problem was that my motherboard (which was 5 years old) simply couldn't take anymore abuse and died.
SOooooo.... I now have a new motherboard (the dual core CPU chip was STILL GOOD, thank God!) and 4 gigs of new RAM (my old RAM was incompatible with the new board), and my PC works like a champ now! (I had to endure the chagrin, dismay and general disrespect of the PC technician who did all the work!) UGH .. I am glad it's over. My PC is "new" again, and here I am. smile
Bayfia16414 KAT Elite
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Not to be bothersome here, but as I've had quite a battle restoring my PC to usefulness, with 2 complete reinstalls of Windows 7 in the last several days, I believe it may be wise to apologize to anyone who may have been trying to download my music torrents in the last week.
I have uploaded quite a few new torrents recently, and I'm sure at moment they are not being seeded. I must restore my uTorrent torrent library to active status first. It may be a few hours (give me a day) to get things put right. If you are trying to download one of my torrents (regardless how old or new) and not succeeding in getting the files, please send me a PM to let me know. I'll try to get all the most recent ones activated again ASAP. Older ones will probably require a re-upload, by request. Thanks for your patience in the meantime! smile
RiverCoyote38895 Super Moderator
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Calling it a night. To all...a Restful Night or a Peaceful Day.
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SkyMtn37722 Super Moderator
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Time foe some shut eye!

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