When You Log In Say Hello When You Leave Say Goodbye!

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Bubanee126.8K KAT Staff
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I notice a lot of people come and go and say hello or goodbye all over the place or Neither...

So when ya log in and you feel like saying Hello....
And the same for saying Goodbye! :)

Please Do!..
I'll be the first and say Hello.. but i am going for awhile so it's Goodbye from me and you all behave now
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RonthePirate666.88K KAT Elite
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I'm on a bit now, but gonna be gone most of Saturday. Gonna go see my son, haven't seen him in 3-4 years.
Was his 34th birthday Wednesday.
VladSam44.68K KAT Elite
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night all! have a good one.
PiratMas19.55K Former Translator
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Time did fly today, my bed bugs are going to have a meal now.

SkyMtn50.96K Super Moderator
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I`m outa here for a couple of hours. Gotta do that socializing thing I hear so much about.
Algie27102 Uploader
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Hello to all of you!
THX13286573 Uploader
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I can't leave this... I don't sleep anymore... now I'm a zombie in kat...
FrauKohl10.85K Translator
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My local time is 0538 and I've been up since yesterday 0430. I'm going to bed now in the hopes that my daughter will keep the noise down for a few hours. She must be the only 19-year-old who gets up early on a Sunday. shocked

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ManyWurlds56.16K KAT Elite
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Have a good one folks!
Hex™8545 Former Translator
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PiratMas19.55K Former Translator
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Hej again

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