Any comedy films worth downloading?

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Movies like Shaun of the dead?,Step brothers?, I have seen a good amount of comedies but would take a while to list them all so was just wondering what comedy films do you know about that's worth watching?

This thread should help me on boring nights, and will help other KAT users :)
(No silly movie parody films, they are so stupid it's not even funny imo..)

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lobo4life941 Uploader
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Uncle Buck always makes me laugh.. I have probably seen it 30 times and I still laugh just as hard....
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zombicidal1853 Uploader
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-Rat Race
-Cool Runnings
-Mouse Hunt
-The Inbetweeners
-Tenacious d And The Pick Of Destiny
-Friday Trilogy
-Braindead a.k.a Dead Alive
-Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood
-East Is East + West Is West
-Napoleon Dynamite
-Police Academy 1-7
-Soul Plane
-The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
To Name A Few wink
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Just go with it is probably one of the funniest films of 2011, a must see
MicNick37 Uploader
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Thanks for the awesome suggestions guys will slowly check them out, recently watched '21st jump street' pretty dam good.
Keep my thread active please, keep the movies flowing in wink
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yeah sure is i saw a funny one the other day. don`t know the name sorry. titter

That's alright charlie sheen, kidding!
Thanks for your time for posting that anyway? :D
And cheers CatDog420 > Will check that out.
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Anymore decent ones folks? don't no if to give bridesmaids a shot, has mixed reviews...
dunky769673 Uploader
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Kingpin is class, or any of the Farrelly brothers movies(Directors).
bonkai773186 Uploader
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An old classic which i love is....
Planes, Trains & Automobiles with the late and superb John Candy and the legend Steve Martin!

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Thanks will check them out promto, but like i always say, keep em' coming not just for me but to the fellow KAT community.
Recently watched 'A few best men' was a good watch had some scenes that just had me laughing for a good few minutes.titter
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Hangover is hilarious, Horrible bosses was cool, Pineapple express (if you like crack comedies)... Uh, don't really remember what else.. but if you find something really funny, let me know :D

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