One for the Money uploaded by Absurdity PLEASE HELP MY JOB IS AT STAKE!!

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Ok so I was super sick yesterday so I told work I wouldn't be in today.
I just got a call from them asking if I download torrents at work!!! As many in the office know I use the torrents and am pretty tech savvy for a girl... I admitted to downloading at work.
The shi**y movie I didn't even bother finishing was ONE FOR THE MONEY. The movie was a rip of bounty hunter sucked I didn't war h the whe thi g and now apparently my company is being sued!
I'm stressing sick in bed and a co worker I called said they are all in the bosses office talking..... 95% sure they are examining this letter.
Full disclosure the company has asked me to download UFC on multiple occasions and we have a data base of torrents of MMA & music....
I'm so scared... Even if I don't get fired... No downloading at work will be sooooooo hard :(
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Just came to know UFC= Ultimate Fighting Championship. Not really my cup of tea but whatever, keep us posted.

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