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This forum is to post all threads that are in the wrong place and need to be re-categorized . And to post any threads marked as SOLVED for easier access [strictly for threads only]
please post under each link where the thread needs to go!
please try and not double post unless you have 5 or more per post.
thank you
EDIT: If you need a mod to change category or edit a torrent post this in this thread: Torrent Cat Thread. And NOT here.
Do not post pre 2011 Free Speech Threads here.(threads from 2011 and older).

1. DO NOT POST NEW THREADS HERE!They have to be at least a week old not 1 hour old and still active!

2. Not more than 15 links in per post please :) cheers

If this thread is closed do not pm mods with links! Wait patiently for it to re-open as mods are currently busy.

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L3GeNd_200010722 Former Translator
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Torrent Requests - Threads To Trash:
Done :)

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Please, Mod's take care (decide here )
done see much of an issue with it, will keep an eye out though :)

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ManyWurlds56087 KAT Elite
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This thread is NOT for reseed requests, they are his own uploads Please trash:
has been moved to releasers section

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to free speech -
Thank yousmile
trashed :P

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Thankyou to everyone who continues to work hard posting threads in here.
And the mods who move them biggrin

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