How did you find KAT?

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After many write in my blog about how they found KAT im gonna make a Thread about it.

This is how i found KAT:

It started with my sister's boyfriend talked about downloading movies "free" if we can call it that. So I asked him if he could teach me how i could do it and i asked him about i could download other stuffs like games and etc. He started it was called Torrents. And you could easily find other stuff too, somethings could just be hard to find. He teach me then. We was on TPB for find a torrent. And he said I should try go for a dvdrip or brrip it would be best. And i should look after one with many seeds on it. It would be faster download speed. The first movie I downloaded was Rush Hour 1. After he had taught me. He left me. And now i would try to find another movie. So I searched on Google for Mission Impossible 3 and then I came across a page called and I found it here, and it was good quality and quick download. so I searched for several movies in here and almost all things i searched after could i find here. So I bookmarked the site. and I started to use it, I guess it took a year before I made a user on. And now i started to upload here at Kickasstorrents. it was so how I discovered Kickasstorrents

Tell me how you found it.
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How i found KAT:
in 2009 year i was searching for "Star Trek Deep space nine" and i found this TV-series on KAT site.

For me this site is very good and interesting.
KAT is very good and very amazing place in the internet.
I hope that this site will be live is very many years.
Thanks for that created this awesome site where can download movies/ tv-series /music/pc games and much much more.

here can download movies in the different formats/video quality.
Can read commentary to files,can ask question on the forum.

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sasuke24267 Uploader
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Asked uncle Google - "Which is the best torrent community"
Uncle Google answered - "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lollol
Batman700518 User
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Asked uncle Google - "Which is the best torrent community"
Uncle Google answered - "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lollol

Indeed is the best torrent site. lol
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I was a diehard Demonoid junkie. I'm also a magazine junkie, which meant I wound up with a lot of downloads that Boobsman had uploaded. So when demonoid went down I went through the most recent dl's from him and found that he also had the files for ... and voila! Here I am.
*settles in quite happily for the long haul*
I am so impressed with the community here. Place feels like home already.

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Corksucker1113 User
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Was googling around for a 720p Kick Ass torrent...
Al4rion3503 Uploader
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from smile
outPYRATElaw18 Uploader
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KAT usually is on the first page when searching for most downloads. I'm sure I'm like most people here, I've been using KAT along time before I registered

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I cannot figure out how to use the site. I started downloading something and it was going to take an hour. i want to just see the episode of the newsroom without having to download something which seems to me to be illegal any way, any ideas?
Shuvayu760 Uploader
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i find it through torrent finder addins in firefox
Pick_n_Roll20.78K Super User
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i find it through torrent finder addins in firefox

you mean addons?

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