August upd.1 - New Search Tags

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We had a pretty lazy summer, still we managed to rework the search and add new search tags.
If you need to find uploads by certain user.
Example: user:EZTV

Movie or TV show in following language.
Example: lang:French

Select only verified content.
Example: verified:1

Select only torrents with a certain number of files.
Example: files:4

If you look for a certain season (for TV shows only).
Example: season:2

If you look for a certain episode (for TV shows only).
Example: episode:13

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BudsandSuds48.97K • 15 Aug 2011, 15:24
WOW That's cool!!
pakipc-8360 • 17 Aug 2011, 13:46
Just when I think KAT cant get any better ,IT DOES,smile
pardeep33368.49K • 17 Aug 2011, 03:31
Great Work.

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panosol41.77K • 08 March 2014, 12:55 Show comment
many thanks !!!
TH369.82K • 10 June 2012, 09:53 Show comment
I like it man awesome...........
x514xx42 • 11 April 2012, 07:43 Show comment
user:maximersk lang:french genre:movies
cool i did it :)) thanks so sweet
jackinabox4 • 05 September 2011, 20:57 Show comment
can anyone get hold of the inbetweeners movie? :A
smecheru10005281 • 05 September 2011, 15:13 Show comment
Dragonsi892 • 03 September 2011, 16:36 Show comment
Here's a suggestion for the search box:
Can you do it by specific size? I.E. I'm old school, and prefer my normal 175Mb, 350Mb, and 700Mb sizes, plus only in .avi format (not interested in .flv or .mp4, etc) for my tv shows, and my movies. I have no interest in the extra large 720 HD tv editions, or the 1.4 Gb (double CD size) DVD movies. Can you give me a search term so I only find close to a specific size, such as a normal 350M 1 hour TV show, instead of the 1Gb+ sizes also coming up?
J3ssY1179 • 27 August 2011, 14:30 Show comment
Go KAT go KAT. Woot Woot! Lets all hop on the KAT train! Sorry, excited biggrin.
mikemoog30 • 25 August 2011, 10:10 Show comment
Excellent. A field for year of release - like, year:2011 - would be great too... ...huh? oh.. sorry. It's awesome!! : >
vAin4us2869 • 21 August 2011, 09:25 Show comment
Pretty awesome update :D
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