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Hi everyone!

As you know our Mod Team is working 24/7 to keep clean and friendly, but often they just can't handle the enormous amount of simple questions and issues from new users. Recently they started a great new initiative that will allow our Super Users to help such users with their minor issues.

From now on you can post you small issues in this thread! Also don't be lazy and check this thread before you post, it is very likely that your question was already asked.

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rndmfrd22249.1K • 10 Apr 2012, 14:56
This is a great idea and will hopefully free up time and resources of the mods and give the super users something important to work on
Another great release from the awesome KAT team :)
TheShow14.43K • 10 Apr 2012, 15:49
Pm SirSeedsAlot100.97K with all kitten related queries!
Mr.Pink145.08K • 11 Apr 2012, 05:21
Thanks to Mr.White8014 for getting this out there :) and most of all thanks to all the super users for there hard work and through this you guys shall get the recognition you guys deserve you do an amazing job here on KAT. And for that all of TEAMKICKASS thanks you wink

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lboogie32569 • 26 July 2012, 20:23 Show comment
I apologize in advance, if i have posted this in the wrong spot.
How do i go about adding to the the blogroll or forum thread i.e. creating my own? I've seen quite a few things that are nice and would like to "throw my hat in the ring." Believe it or not this is one of the few things that i don't know how do on KAT. Thanks for an awesome site and community.
ValkyrOdin968 • 17 May 2012, 06:02 Show comment
I am witness to this awesomeness and feel uplifted after the experience. Thanks for this post and thanks super users!
Darius19543754 • 15 May 2012, 23:22 Show comment
Where have the the "Report User" and "Send Friend Request" buttons gone?
river931 • 15 May 2012, 02:39 Show comment
how do i use torrent? evrytime i try to download somethin it says its not supported
TimeBandits69.25K • 16 May 2012, 17:40 Show comment
Sounds as though you need to install some software. I use uTorrent but there are plenty of others. Have a look at Tutorials
You should find what you need there. Good Luck.

tinkusandhu67 • 11 May 2012, 22:38 Show comment
How do I upload my files or folders on Torrent
And that the file download speed faster.???????
Please ans me My Facebook ID Detective.har or
Gmail ID
Surfer992310 • 14 May 2012, 13:41 Show comment
Can someone reply to this guy please as I unsuccessfully tried to answer his Q's so directed him to this thread for some assistance. Cheers smile
TimeBandits69.25K • 16 May 2012, 17:34 Show comment
Hi, you might be better off looking at
Bhaskar13244 • 18 September 2012, 13:42 Show comment
This is how you upload a torrent
1 - Download bittorrent and utorrent (yeah both) delete any other clients you have
2 - Open bittorrent go to file create new torrent select directory and select the folder which you want to upload (if you have a file put it in a folder) and add trackers
just paste this
3 - Check start seeding uncheck all others
4 - Create and save as and save the torrent file without changing the name inside the folder which you have created a torrent of. (This is very important)
5 - The torrent will begin seeding, upload it here and download you own torrent file not magnet and open with utorrent it will begin downloading
6 - Now wait till the you completely download you own torrent in utorrent (it will take atleast 2 hours even for 20 mb)
7 - Go to KAT (here) open your profile go to uploads open your torrent (don't download) just open it and go to technical it will be just at the side of comments and click refresh if you have 1 or more seeds then you are SUCCESSFUL
The more no. of seeds the faster the downloads this is the method I use

NUCLEAR620244 • 11 May 2012, 05:46 Show comment
psychosis613 • 05 May 2012, 07:25 Show comment
this is our world, our community so lets make it better...
vaghasiyatk135 • 28 April 2012, 04:27 Show comment
very nice thought...
hatzz you..
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