First Release 2012! - Torrent Requests, Kickstart the Art! and a huge bugfix!

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We decided to start this year big, so from the beginning we are launching two large features - Torrent Requests and Kickstart the Art. But before we start telling about these new things we want to say that we also officially support the SOPA Strike and encourage our users to join in and preserve the freedom of the web!

1. First we added Torrent Requests which means that from now on you can request any torrent you need! Just click the Torrent Requests sign, click the add new requests button on the left, fill in the info about the torrent and our uploaders will make sure that you get it!
Also don't worry the Ideabox is still there, but it will be available only on any torrent page and profile page, all the other pages will have the Torrent Request option.

2. Second we re-launched one of our old ideas - Kickstart The Art. We decided to help young artists and independent labels to promote their music through KAT! More info and the application form is available on the project page (link to which can also be found in the footer below)!
Plus the usual large bugfix, this time an extra-large one!

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little D8094 • 18 Jan 2012, 16:48
The fun, great ideas and awsome spirit of KAT never cease to amaze me!KAT... Always great, Always #1!!!biggrin
SirSeedsAlot101.15K • 27 Jan 2012, 02:54
You're GREAT and by golly, people like you!!!!
ManyWurlds56.27K • 18 Jan 2012, 19:10
Great idea, well implemented. Bravo!

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RUSHER-SHAN2 • 11 March 2012, 02:21 Show comment
g8 can i request something now can u pretty plz for all sakes of the rushers upload
big time rush big time movie plz :)
ik lame requst but i'm not only one afther it
crossifixoms0 • 06 March 2012, 12:50 Show comment
Very cool. Great.
imax1151706 • 27 February 2012, 03:55 Show comment
lol great
mitch2cr1p342 • 26 February 2012, 12:16 Show comment
Kickstart The Art
cool feature ... i want it
dance21307 • 20 February 2012, 15:16 Show comment
thanks this is awsome!!! love kat!!
srtecstasy7177 • 20 February 2012, 13:49 Show comment
Two Thumbs Up! for the Job you're doing.Keep Up The Good Work!
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