Merry Xmas!

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Today we did probably the final KAT release this year. It was a big year with lots of ups and downs, but it was a very very good year for us. Today KickassTorrents is widely recognized as one of the best and most advanced torrent search engines, but even more improvements are already planned for next year!

We want to thank everyone who helps us with the website. Over the last years our staff members, mod team and translators have done a huge amount of work that not just pushed our website to a whole new level, but made it a community and a second home for millions of people. Without you we would never get this far! Thank you!

We want to thank our uploaders, users and all the people who visit and contribute to this website!

Finally we want to quote on of our users:
"Kat is not a website, it's a lifestyle!"

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And one more thing.
This year we decided to make a small presents to our users. With this release we added a new type of achievements - unique and rare achievements. They look a little different from our current ones and they can be unlocked only for some special activity. Currently there are three of them and all three are tied to this Christmas and New Years Eve. Of course we won't tell you how to earn them, but the most KAT-addicted people will surely end up with one or two (just don't forget to set your timezone in settings!)

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SkyMtn85.82K • 24 Dec 2011, 20:23
Merry Christmas Mr. White. and Merry Christmas to all of the great people here on KAT. .... Quite a PLUM your handing out there Mr.White....
webmaster198937 • 24 Dec 2011, 23:20
I got atleast 1 achiement of the 2 :D
Thanks folks you also merry Christmas & a happy new year! Mr. White (Breaking Bad xD?) & the rest
vladraph20 • 24 Dec 2011, 21:12
Merry X'mas 2 al Kickasstorrents uploaders, downloaders, officials n evry person who has n is helpin in the progress of the site....drink responsibly, and don't drink and drive....wink

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Yellowbirdie1452 • 05 February 2012, 09:28 Show comment
hope u alll had merry x-mas!!!!yayyy!!!!can i get my santa claus achivement now??please!
Tuklu10.47K • 16 January 2012, 02:54 Show comment
I met love, health, peace and joy,
They needed a permanent place to stay.
I gave them ur address hope they arrived safely.
"Happy New Year"
skoia349 • 05 January 2012, 20:27 Show comment
Feliz Año Excelente site
sungarlic1574 • 04 January 2012, 07:36 Show comment
KAT kicks ass! :)
Hex™9241 • 02 January 2012, 19:35 Show comment
merry Christmas and Happy new year to kat, uses, super users, mods. Christmas is over now get back to work
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