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Bubanee - Fake - Rar - Password

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Bubanee - Fake - Rar - Password
This blog i'm making so sooner or later it will be picked up by search engines..
In recent times well since late 2009 there have been thousands of Bubanee fakes mainly written like this
Artist - Title [MP3-Cov-20**][Bubanee]
~~ Firstly if you have come across this post you have actually arrived to a real account of mine where everything in my name is done myself..
~~ If your looking for a password, i'm sorry you've been scammed and there's nothing i can do about it.. I don't do .rar or passworded crap in music
avoid places like isohunt especially where the moderating is extremely poor and other index sites with poor or no moderating...
The only advice i can give you for myself and others when searching is stick to good moderated sites like this one incase your a first time here and ALWAYS read comments!...
I have 2 main accounts.. The link above and the piratebay (if you see bubanee with a VIP skull - Click it!)
Bubanee - Fake - Rar - Password

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RonthePirate669.48K • 09 Jul 2012, 23:59
Bubanee - Fake - Rar - Password
The way you wrote that make the words synonomous with each other.
SirSeedsAlot101.44K • 09 Jul 2012, 21:22
is this where we pick up our fake rar passwords??
Bubanee157.01K • 09 Jul 2012, 21:29
no i can lead you to a few if you want.. titter

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MaX-_-RoN6340 • 10 July 2012, 17:09 Show comment
SirSeedsAlot is just SO funny,he just makes us laugh our heads off,everytime!! lollollol
canny2020229 • 10 July 2012, 16:44 Show comment
Bubanee - Why not package a few really nasty computer viruses into a torrent for those fakers to download? I'm sure they probably D/L your genuine torrents, and load their own crap into them - it would be nice if the virus contained a dialer into every nasty porn site (kiddy and beasty stuff), every terrorist website (Al Qaeda, C18, KKK), and simultaneously attempted to hack into the CIA, FBI, MI5, MOSSAD, etc whilst filesharing the jpegs and terrorist propoganda from aforementioned sites. Obviously, there would need to be something there that removed all references to your name! That'll get them a free holiday in Guantanamo Bay!!lollollol
Bubanee157.01K • 10 July 2012, 21:48 Show comment
Ohhhh! tittertittertitter

TimeBandits69.47K • 10 July 2012, 14:29 Show comment
I very rarely download RAR files now unless I trust the source as I've been caught so many times by non existent passwords & fakes. It's a shame really as zipped files are much smaller & therefore quicker to DL, but the few spoil it for the many as usual. It must be maddening when they do it in your name too!!!
RoughJustice28.92K • 10 July 2012, 14:17 Show comment
I don't encode or upload anything in .rar either - so I won't be looking for a password for anything any time soon. I don't usually download movies TV shows or albums in rar (I don't trust the split .rar archives which make up a single movie)
and isohunt is the last place I'd go because I'm pretty sure it has unleashed email/poker/casino spam on me as well as the fake shit.
we all know you bubs and we trust you. smile
ScubaLoo19.13K • 10 July 2012, 10:11 Show comment
Hello sir I am requesting the password please sir.
trugger108.73K • 10 July 2012, 10:03 Show comment
If I find a Bubanee157.01K torrent, in rar, with a password, what should I do?
~~Would like me pm you so that you can personally delete them or may I ban them from existence?shockeddizzy
You don't really have to answer that question, I'm pretty sure I already know. biggrinbiggrin
trugger108.73K • 10 July 2012, 10:06 Show comment
Btw, nice subliminal advertising. I just clicked over to your uploads tonguetongue
Bubanee157.01K • 10 July 2012, 21:49 Show comment
there's a small hint in there... titter
i don't really need to promote my torrents...
I'M FUCKING FAMOUS lolololol.... lol

DominicS4792 • 10 July 2012, 03:28 Show comment
So do we have to PM you for a password...?dizzytitter
Pick_n_Roll21.11K • 10 July 2012, 00:45 Show comment
isohunt is the last place I go....
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