Obama Is Right

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rndmfrd22247576 • 30 Mar 2012, 05:41
its dumbed down so much these days coz the majority of people are either too lazy or too stupid to think for themselves. people just want to be told what to do and wen to do it, with as little thinking as possible
Recompense1069 • 30 Mar 2012, 05:04
Gotta tell you something when every damn speech he makes is at a fourth grade level (no joke). Maybe if education wasn't so laughable we wouldn't need a government playing daddy all the time
RonthePirate568787 • 30 Mar 2012, 04:32
Reminds me of his campaign speeches.mad

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Tethro2251 • 30 March 2012, 15:46 Show comment
If you think politics are bad in the USA try Canada.
djealas584 • 30 March 2012, 12:07 Show comment
Are people stupid or have they been made stupid? Our entire media feeds us misinformation. Heath care provides drugs for every ailment real or imagined, and plenty more to counteract the side effects. The majority of Food provides no nutrition, is in fact of very low energetic value. We are bombarded with electromagnetic chaos. Our schools graduate kids who can't read. Political correctness natters on in the background of every social affair. Fear, paranoia, death, and war dominate the news.
Frankly, I think I'll head for the liquor cabinet. Obama is a talking head, like the rest of them, and in no way represents anything but what all politicians are: parasites.
AAAHHHHHHHH! That felt goooood...
ohyesitwill3944 • 30 March 2012, 11:25 Show comment
I don't even listen to what they say. politicians = liars. sorry but that's as true as 2+2=4
CrazyMuffinMan565 • 30 March 2012, 13:10 Show comment
2+2=22 :P
SirHatesaLot27041 • 30 March 2012, 11:01 Show comment
i dont care what he says.
Smittech72487 • 30 March 2012, 06:43 Show comment
That took a lot of work. More than he puts in. LOL
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