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Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 28 Sekirei

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What it's about?

A boy who after failing another entrance exam is walking around trying to cope with his failures. As he's walking he stumbles upon a girl who is being attacked. The girl grabs the boy and they start running. At that point he is unaware as to what she is and why she was being attacked.

Why I recommend it?

BOOBIES so many glorious BOOBIES!!!... Um it's got violence lots of it... No really it's good. Besides the obvious it has a great story. The fight scenes are superbly animated and flow very well. The scifi element that ties everything together is thought out nicely as well. You have to get over all the male oriented things to get to whats it's about, but when you do it'll be worth it. And yes there is romance, dug that's why I watched it.... yeah the romance was why...

What I wish it had.

More episodes per season. With two season at 13 episodes a peice it can at times seemed rushed. This in turn leaves you wanting more. Charactor development would have been great for non "main charactors". The main charactors are nicely developed but the other charactors while developed somewhat, leave more to be included. Oh yeah, they better release a thrid season or heads will roll!!!!


Story: 9
Character: 8
Rewatchable: 8
Overall: 8

Sekirei Trailer


The Creeper of Dandelions

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One day I was celebrating the coming of spring.


For you see I love dandelions. The prettiest weed of them all. The bright yellow that shines like the sun. The mini fields of heaven that spring up anywhere. That's what I love.

While I was gallivanting around the dandelion fields I stumbled upon a box.

What kind of box you say? The box of all boxes, the creeper box.

Looking at the box I got this urge to put it on. And on I put it.


Putting on the Creeper box was odd at first. I thought I maybe gained powers, but I was mistaken. I started to hate all other flowers.


None looked the same to me. They all were ugly.

Then I spotted a yellow spot in my yard. Walking over to that spot I found my love.


I reached down and picked a dandelion and brought it to my creeper nose. I could smell the flower as bright as the day.

Here here you try.....

Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 27 Golden Time

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What it's about?

A boy who lost his memories in an accident while waiting to confess his feelings to a girl he likes. He attends college and his memories and life start to return.

Why I recommend it?

This is the first recommendation I've written for an anime that is this new. It just ended matter of fact. Honestly in the beginning I was skeptical, because too many times romance with his kind of drama end up with an awful ending. But this one surprised me. The ending was superb and was exactly how it should have ended. While at times you feared that the ending would not be good, it changes into what the ending is now. The story is another reason why I like it. It may not be %100 original, but it was scripted nicely. The romance was added in nicely and even the comedically force romance was great.

What I wish it had.

Better second tier character development and inclusion. The main characters were shown and you knew about them in almost every facet that you could. The second tier characters weren't as lucky. Most times you learned very little about them, but just enough for you to remember them. There was even two side romances not really delved into that could have made this anime longer. Season two perhaps?


Story: 9
Character: 9
Rewatchable: 9
Overall: 9


Golden Time Trailer



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My mind is lashing out at me.
Telling me to look away.
Telling me to walk away.
Telling me it'll be okay.

My soul is leaving me.
For reasons I hate to admit.
I'm too weak.
I'm too kind.
I have no anger.
I have no aggression.
I wear that mask that gives all that I don't possess.

My heart is holding me.
Cracking under the pressure.
Breaking from what I can't have.
Bleeding not for my body to live but for my feelings that are escaping.

My body trembles.
Making me cold.
Eyes bouncing form shimmering blue to dull in a matter of moments.
Mouth closed keeping the words I need at bay.

My love sits chained.
Locked away form being felt.
Once a bright sun like creation, now nothing more than an eclipse.

Regret fill the once empty spaces.
Mistakes upon mistakes are building up like bricks of a wall.

My pride keeps me here.

You used to do that.

My tears fall.
Many tears at every thought.
You caused them to fall.
Every image causes a wave.

I don't listen to my mind and watch.

Chapter 9. Faces **Preview**

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Chapter 9. Faces

Somewhere away from Gottside…

“Master, your transportation is ready for your trip.” Said a nicely dressed older man.

“Very good. Gather my assistant and tell her to be at the carriage in ten minutes.” Spoke his master.


Waking up earlier in the morning together in the same bed with Lilith I had to stop and pause. I needed to look at her unabashed from her view. Looking at her peacefully sleep I can only imagine what she is dreaming about at that moment. I know my dreams of late are about her and our short time together, but those dreams I cherish.

Getting up slowly out of the bed making sure I don’t wake Lilith. I grab my clothes and get dressed. I check on Juno to see her still sleeping peacefully. Walking up to her crib I bend down and give her a kiss on the forehead.

“I’m jealous you didn’t give me a kiss.” Came a sweet pouty voice that startled me.

Smiling and walking over to Lilith I kiss her forehead. “Sorry I didn’t want to wake you.”

“It’s ok, we do other things that show intimacy.” She matter-of-factly says with a smirk. “You should get breakfast started and I’ll get Juno up and ready.”

Winking I start walking towards the bedroom door. “Fine, you just want to keep Juno to yourself. I see how it is.”

To be honest I am a little jealous. Lilith is really great with Juno and Juno has taken to Lilith almost like a mother. I noticed this when she came up to Lilith and put her hands up in the motion to pick her up. Not to me, but to Lilith. Oh well I guess it was bound to happen.


“You know little one I love your father dearly. I don’t know how it happened, but I do love him. And I love you as well. I won’t push your father to love me, but I’ll be there for him and let him know I do.”

After Lilith said her thought she watches Juno giggle and play around. She got up and grabbed her to get her dressed and head down for breakfast.


“So Elrich, what are your plans once we reach town?” Said a woman with a notepad set out ready to write something.

“I’m strictly here to meet someone. If they will meet with me then I might be here for a few days if not longer. If I’m refused than we leave immediately.” The last part coming out solemn.

“Well, when we arrived I’ll get lodging for us. I’m sure the person you want to see will see you.”

Looking out the window of the carriage Elrich had a sad look on his face. He regretted his actions towards his family especially his daughter. Letting her leave and not chasing her was a mistake. He knew he should have gone and visited her at least once since then. Anytime she moved she would always send a letter with her new address. He would always stubbornly read them and toss them in the trash, never keeping record of the new information. Then out of nowhere he had to visit her.

“Not likely. I let her go when I should have made her stay. Why would a daughter want to see a father that didn’t care?”

The words that he spoke froze his female companion. She couldn’t find the words to speak. She knew he had a daughter, but never knew the details of their relationship.

“Sir Elric, we will be in Gottside in 15 minutes.” Spoke the carriage driver.

“Very well, we should prepare for arrival.”

‘Ting, ting ting’

Oliver watching Enzo work walked up to him. Waiting a bit then speaking. “So I see Lilith came and picked up Juno early again.”

‘Ting, ting, fuck!!’

“God damnit that hurt.” Enzo bellowed out in pain. “And yes for your information she did.”

“That’s been what, two months now that she’s been doing that?”

“Yeah, your point?”

“Funny because I never see her arrive in the morning and I’m here very early.” Oliver said with a smirk watching Enzo’s eyebrow raise at his comments. “You don’t have to lie, I know you’ve been sleeping together.”


There was silence aside from the sound of the fire burning in the background.
With a giggle and a devious grin Oliver asked “So is it good?” After asking that Enzo sputtered out the drink he just took and turned to Oliver.

“Seriously you are going to ask me that?” He said with narrowed eyes.

“Yes until you just admit it and tell me what you two have been up to. Both me and Alice already know.”


“The way Lilith looks when she’s around you. The fact that she has to walk past my house to get to hers and hasn’t for two months. Or the fact that I see her leaving in the same outfit she had on the day before acting like she just picked up Juno.” He said matter-of-factly.

“You guys need a hobby.”

“We do, it’s called people watching.”

Enzo wasn’t sure what to say. He thought their act was sly and no one caught on.

“So why not watch other people?”

“What’s the fun in that when we know our friends are trying to be sly about their relationship?” Waiting for Enzo to say something, Oliver made one last jab to get an answer. “So, how is it?”

“Damnit, why do you want to know how the sex is?” Enzo yelled out.

“Haha, no I was talking about the relationship but knowing about that is good as well.”

“You bastard. If you want to know the relationship we have is going great. As for the sex, well it’s great as well.”

“You think it will turn into anything more, like marriage?”

Sighing at that question, one that he’d been thinking about himself. While it was still early to propose marriage he thought about the future with the raven haired beauty.

“I don’t know. I’ve thought about that and the future and it scares me. I can’t do that again. I can’t lose someone like that again.”

“Don’t always assume you will have the same path as the past. I worry about losing Alice every day, but that doesn’t stop me from being with her. It pushes me to be with her and to protect her. Even if for some ungodly unfair reason she were to die, I’d know that I did everything to keep her safe.” Spoke Oliver softly.

Taking a moment to let Oliver’s words sink in Enzo started back to his work.

“Ting Ting Ting”

“So about the sex, is she a screamer and does she like to be dominated.” Teased Oliver with a smirk.

“Ting Ting FUCK!!!”

Chapter 8. Clean Slate

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Chapter 8 Clean Slate

Stirring in my sleep as the sun betrayed me and shone brightly on my closed eyes. I felt relaxed and comfortable in my position. Speaking of that, I can feel extra weight and warmth on my chest. Looking down I can see a mess of curly black hair splayed out in every direction. Moving my arm carefully I reach and lightly move the hairs from the face of a sleeping Lilith. Now able to see her and see the soft features of her face as she sleeps, brings a smile to my face.

As I watch her sleep the memories of the night hit me. Everything from the kiss to the sex, the cuddling and the words I heard her say. I was lost in those memories to notice her stirring.

“Morning” I said as her eyes opened. Her eyes drifted towards my voice.

“Mor….” She never finished what she was saying. The look on her face changed from sleepy to horror as her eyes widened.

“What did we do?” Came a nervous voice.

“Do you remember anything?”
“Just going to the bar and drinking, then you bringing me home.”

“I’m just going to be honest and say we had sex.”

“We did?”

“Yes, if you don’t believe me look under the blanket.”

Listening to my words she slowly peaked under the blanket. Silence loomed for a few minutes before her head popped back out from under the blanket. As soon as she regained eye contact with me a scream broke out.


I wasn’t shocked in the least at this reaction. It was funny and I couldn’t help but smirk a bit. I do need to calm her down as I’m sure the whole town heard that scream.

“Why exactly are you screaming?”

“We had sex. We had sex and I was drunk. Were you?”

“I was drunk but not as much as you were.”

Looking at me with a suspicious look she asks “Did you take advantage of me?”
“N-n-o.” I stuttered out.

Explaining this was going to be difficult. She took advantage or at least pushed for sex. She did initiate the contact with a kiss which led to the events of last night.

“Look, I brought you home because you got drunk and needed help. Once I got you home and inside you kissed me. Then things escalated from there to where we are now.”

“I kissed you? Did I say anything?”

“I asked why you kissed me and you said you wanted to.”

“Oh.” Was all she said. “Did you, we enjoy it?”

“Yes we did.” I said shyly

We sat in silence for a bit longer. My eyes never left her face. I wanted to see her expressions and reactions as her memories started filtering back in.

“I said something I shouldn’t have didn’t I?” She asked blushing.

“You did say you love me.”

As the words left my mouth her eyes darted down to her feet. She was embarrassed and she knew I knew.

“I didn’t mean to just say it. It was the moment. I…..”

“It’s ok. Look I don’t really know about what I want or feel at this point. Things have been hard for a while, but I won’t lead you a long. I like you I know that and last night pushed that fact even more, but I need time.”

“Ok, I’m in no hurry. I was afraid I’d lose a friend.”

“I’m not cold. I was shocked, but nothing to drive me away. Plus who will watch Juno?” I teased out.

“Good point. She doesn’t like others watching her. Alice has a hard time with her.”

“Speaking of Alice, I need to go get Juno .”

“Yeah I need to go talk with Alice today. I’ll tag along with you. First I think we need to shower.” Lilith said getting up. As she got up she dropped the sheet that was hiding her body. Slowly walking towards the stairs, looking back with a smirk and wink she went up the stairs.

Sometime later…..

“I’m gonna grab Juno and go to the shop for a bit to see Oliver than go to the park. I was wondering if you would come over for dinner tonight?” I asked as we came up to Oliver and Alice’s door.

“Yes that would be nice. I’ll come over around six.”

“That would work great.”

Smiling I turn towards the door after hearing the pitter patter of little feet run to the door and the voice of Alice telling Juno to wait.

“Look Juno your daddy’s here.” Alice said with a leaping Juno crashing into my arms. “I don’t know how you watch her Lilith, but she has amazing energy.”

“It’s easy, but we can talk about that later.”

“Thank you for watching her Alice.” Blushing I added. “I had fun last night.”

“Oliver told me all about it. You getting drunk. Both of you getting drunk.”

“Well it was one of those nights.”

“Yes one of those nights.” Lilith chimed in. “Okay Enzo, I need to talk with Alice so…”

“No need I got it. I’ll see you later Alice and see you tonight Lilith.” I said walking away.

Looking at Lilith with a questioning gaze Alice was wondering what Enzo meant.

“Tonight, huh.”

With Enzo…

Walking with Juno hand in hand I couldn’t help but think about the night before and the talk we had earlier. I couldn’t say why I said what I said, but I did need time to figure things.

Nearing the shop I was thinking about going through the back area to the shop, but I wanted to mess with Oliver. So instead I went through the front door.

“Welcome to the Brass Hammer, what can I do for you?” I hear Oliver shout out and his footsteps. “ Damnit Enzo.” He pouts when he sees me.

“What I could have been a customer.”

“But you weren’t. Oh well I needed a break anyways. So how was last night after you two left?”

“Well let’s see…….”

With Lilith…

“So what’s this about tonight?” Asked Alice.

“Enzo invited me to dinner with him and Juno.”

“He did, did he? So what happened after you to left.”

Starting to blush Lilith let that question sink in before she answered. She already had planned to tell Alice everything anyways, but now that she was here and Alice was listening she was having second thoughts.

“Everything was… great.”

“Great? What is that supposed to mean?”

“We uh-uh had sex.” Lilith said, but whispering the last part.

“You what?”

“We had sex.”


“I know and the worst part is I started it.” Lilith said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“How did you start it.”

“Enzo took me home because I was drunk. He helped me inside and to the couch before he went to get some blankets for us. He didn’t want to leave me alone since he was the reason I got drunk. Once he came back things happened. I kissed him and that lead to having sex.”

“Well it does seem like you had a very very good night. Did you at least enjoy it?”

“Y-y-yes I did and so did he. I don’t remember everything, but Enzo said we did.”

“Did anything else happen?”

Avoiding eye contact with Alice, Lilith spoke quietly. “Yes, I said I loved him.”

“Oh that was quick. Go out, get drunk, have sex, fall in love. I didn’t know you had it in you.” Alice teased.

“It’s not like that. I’ve like him for a bit, but the mood of everything brought more of my feelings out.”

“How did he take it? Saying what you said”

“Very well, we talked this morning before coming here and he just needs time. So I can only give him that time.”

“That’s good. He needs both time and what you said. As to why, you’ll have to ask him. Now let’s talk about something else.”

With Enzo…

“You had sex with Lilith? Man I only told you to take her home, not do that.”

“Yes that’s why I did it. I didn’t start it. She kissed me out of the blue then it escalated into sex.”

“So are you guys now going to be awkward around one another?”

“No. We talked this morning about it and some other things she said and things are ok.”

“Wait, what did she say?”

“She loves me.”

“HAHAHA that’s something. Get drunk, get kissed, have sex, have someone confess.” Oliver laughed

“Not funny and not something I planned. It just happened.”

“How did you take it?”

“I told her I need time. I don’t really know what to do or what I want from things.”

“That’s good considering what just happened. Speaking of that, are you going to tell her?”

“Yes, when the time is right I will. I don’t want to keep it hidden as it’s a part of my past and is a reason for the way I am.”

“I see no fault in that. So you will be back to work tomorrow?”

“Yes I will. I know had lonely you’ve been here all by yourself.”

“That isn’t far from the truth, but I’m not lonely just real busy.”

“I know and you can take a week ok starting in a few days. Now I have to leave and take Juno to the park.”

“Have fun and stay out of trouble.”

“I always do. Later.” I said waving to Oliver. Leaving the shop with Juno in my arms we headed to the park for some father daughter time we both needed.

With Lilith…

“So, dinner with Enzo, that’s nice.” Said Alice with a smirk.

“It’s only dinner and Juno will be there as well.”

“I know, but still. After what happened he invited you to dinner. It means something.”

“What should it mean? He’s nice and I am taking care of Juno.”

“That I can’t and won’t tell you. Some things you need to find out on your own.” Winking Alice got up from the table and fixed herself and Lilith another cup of tea.

With Enzo and Juno…

Watching Juno play in the sand is fun. I brought her little sand pail and little shovel with us and grabbed the sand molds for her to make things with. When we first arrived she was playing alone, but after a bit she gained some playmates. Now she had a swarm of kids her age digging and building something out of sand. The site of her playing brought a smile to my face. She was my daughter and a part of Sophia. She looked like Sophia did when we were younger. Those were fun times and like today, they made me smile.

The other parents started to gather up their kids to get them home since it was getting dark out. I walked over to Juno and helped her pick things up and dust her off. Waving to the parents and their kids me and Juno headed home, hand in hand.

At Enzo’s House..

I hate cooking. I’m horrible at it. The only good part about it is Juno laughing at me when I do something wrong. At least someone’s enjoying themselves.
“Haha Juno you think it’s funny don’t you?” I say to Juno as she laughs more at me. Over the laughter I hear a knocking on the door.

Opening the door Lilith is standing there with a smile on her face. Catching myself staring I notice she’s not wearing her normal outfit, but a blood red sundress with a matching jacket and heels. The color makes her black hair and her turquoise eyes stand out.

“Hi.” She says to my shyly.

“Uh-hi. Come in, come in.”

“It smells great.”

“That’s good, maybe it’ll taste good as well.”

“Do you need any help?”

I wanted to say yes so that things were perfect, but I wanted to do the cooking and I did invite her after all.

“No I got it. It’s almost done anyways. If you want you can grab Juno and get her seated.”

“That I can do.”

After Lilith goes to find Juno and get her seated I head back to the kitchen to salvage the meal.

Later after dinner..

Dinner was good, surprisingly and the company was great. We talked and laughed. Even Juno got in on the talking, though that was more mumbles and incoherent words, but it was something I loved to hear and be a part of.

After a while Juno started to fall asleep in her high chair so I decided it was time for her to go to bed. Lilith helped me clean up the dishes and get Juno ready. She helped me tuck her in and wish her goodnight. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like having Lilith tuck Juno in with me. It made me miss having a complete family and someone else to love Juno.

“Good night Juno, I love you” I said.

“Goodnight Juno, I love you as well.” I heard Lilith say. To that I was shocked, but happy.

Leaving Juno’s room I shut the door almost all the way, leaving it open a crack. I turned to Lilith and told her to follow me out to the upstairs patio to sit and talk.

There was much I wanted to tell her and ask her. We never really had a sit down and talk time. I mean the bar was some talking but nothing serious and alcohol was the main inducer of the talking.

Looking out across the town Lilith started the conversation. “It’s a nice view up here.”

“It is. I didn’t even notice this when I first moved in. I found Juno hiding out here and that’s how I found it.” I laughed out.

“Yes that does seem like Juno. I found her in a kitchen cabinet one time. It was funny.” She cutely laughed.

“Now that would be something funny to see.”

The time went by as we talked. We told stories about things Juno did and about our lives. I told her some stories about Oliver and his fear of small bugs. She admitted to having the same fear which caused me to come up with some great ideas to prank them both.

The night was going great but the mood I could feel got solemn. That is when Lilith asked me something I wasn’t ready for.

“Enzo, can you tell me about Sophia? How you guys met and other things?”

“I suppose I can. Let’s see. We met when we were kids. She was from a poor family so they moved around a lot. We had a huge spot of land since my family was farmers. They came to ask for work and my family gave them a job. We gave them the guest house we had on the land for no cost, just them helping out on the farm.”

“That was very nice of your family. Was your family rich to have that much land?”

“No, they did a lot of farming and when farms around us went under my family would buy the land to keep it as farm land.”

“Oh, still that’s a nice thing you guys did. Sorry go on.”

I never did think about how nice it was, but now that she said that I do think it was nice.

“Like I said before, we grew up together and then one day things changed. They had moved again when she was in her late teens due to money issues and a falling out with my family. I didn’t hear from her a long time and was worried, but I had a life I needed to work on. Then things changed a few years later when I was out to a client’s working on a job. She was working as a maid. For the time I was there we talked and I had learned that she was sold off as a slave by her parents.”

Seeing the sad expression on Lilith’s face made me not want to go on. Catching her eyes she looked at me and gave me a small nod to continue.

“I tried to get her to leave when I had to but she would. I wrote her a letter the day I left saying I was coming back for her and to be ready. When I left I hid the letter in an area I knew she had to clean. When I came back to get her she was waiting for me. We ran and ran until she could barely walk. We took rest for the night.” Blushing at the last part I had to say. “That was also the night Juno was conceived.” Blushing as red as a tomato Lilith couldn’t look me in the face. I let out a little chuckle at her actions.

“After that night we kept moving until we reached a town along the way. That is where we made our home. I opened up a blacksmith shop and she had a garde…” I couldn’t finish that part. The garden that I setup for her never got finished. It was the last thing I gave her. I remember it, she was so happy to have that small plot of land.

“Enzo please tell me, I want to know and need to know.”

“I gave her a garden to plant and grow anything she wanted. It was a present to her, one that I gave to her before I left for a job. I left for a short term job repairing some tools and making some tools. While I was gone the person that owned her sent someone to look for her and they had found her. That person killed her while I was away only hours before I came back home. When I got home I found her in the barn dead. She was strangled.”

The tears I was holding back through that part had finally begun to fall. In a quick movement I was in a tight hug from Lilith. I could hear her sniffling into my neck.

“You know the rest or at least what happened after that. What you don’t know is that trip I took a few weeks ago was to look into some info I found out about her killer. I found him Lilith I found him. Do you know what happened?” I said pushing her back and looking into her eyes.

“Enzo tell me it’s ok, I’ll be here no matter what.” She said with strength in her voice.

“I killed him. I killed him in the same way he killed Sophia. I drug him up to the barn by his hard in front of the entire town. He pleaded for his life but that only fueled my hunger to end it. I killed a man Lilith.”

“It’s ok it was in self-defense. You were attacked before you said so yourself. That man took something form you, something dear to you. I don’t know what you felt like, but I could imagine that most would feel the same.”

I wasn’t sure what to think. Oliver took what happened pretty easy, but he also knew Sophia and he knew what I was setting out to do. But to listen to Lilith speak like this, I was lost in emotions.

“Even though it was self-defense I don’t feel happy about it like I thought I would. I feel lost about everything.”

I could feel Lilith shift on the bench to get closer to me. Pulling me tighter into an embrace, I could feel her breath on my ear. “If you’re lost, let me find you and lead you back. What I said earlier was true, I do love you.”

I could feel nothing but my heart hammering against my chest. Those words I heard caused everything around me to disappear. Love, I knew of it once and lost it once. Could I find it again, with Lilith?

Before I could think about her words any more I felt her let go of our embrace. She moved a bit before standing. I felt her move to move to me and a hand reach for mine. I looked up to see her smiling at me. Her smile was warm and pushed away what I was feeling. I gave her my hand and stood up. She turned around and started walking with me in tow.

“Where are we going?” I asked nervously.

“I’m going to find you and bring you back. Back to Juno and hopefully back to…. me.”

With that she walks hand in hand with me, leading me to my room.

To be continued….

Chapter 7. Negative Spaces

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The new Chapter for Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace.

Warning it is a rated M chapter towards the end.

Chapter 7. Negative Spaces



“Yes Enzo I’m here.” Came the voice of my love.

“Am I dead?”

“No, you’re just sleeping my love. You’re dreaming now” She said sweetly.

“Why are you here, not that I’m complaining about it?”

“It’s your dream dear not mine. What you want is what you dream about”

“…. I miss you.”

“I know you do and I miss you and Juno.”

“She looks like you a lot. Her facial expressions and mannerisms.”

“I know.”

“I don’t want to leave this. I can’t do this alone. Raising Juno and being alone.”

“You aren’t alone Enzo. You have me in your heart and Juno. You have friends.”

“I know, but I never thought things would happen this way.”

“Nor did I. Running away, having a child with you and living a family life wasn’t what I thought either Enzo, but I don’t regret it. You need to keep my memory and move on. Be happy like you should. I’ll never leave you.” She said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I wish it was that easy… “

“Enzo it’s time to wake up and live.”

“For you and Juno I will.”

“I know and I’ll be waiting for you when it’s time. Give my love to Juno.”

“I will, I love you Sophia.”

“I to love you Enzo.”

End Dream

“Oh your finally waking up, took you long enough.” I heard a man say with a chuckle in his voice.

I don’t remember much. The last thing I remember is chocking the life out of my loves killer and walking away seeing the towns people stare at me with sadness and shock. Past that I have no idea what happened.

“Where am I?” I said in a weakened tone.

“You my friend are in the Beddelton Clinic. After collapsing in the street you were brought here. You gave everyone quite a scare.”

I collapsed? I don’t remember any injuries or being tired.

“What happened?”

“You suffered some stab wounds and blood loss, with exhaustion to bring it all together.”

“Will I be ok?”

“Yes yes you’ll be fine. You just need rest for now. You’ve been out for about four days now.”

“That long, wow.”

“Yeah, at first it wasn’t looking good, but you pulled through.”

“What about….?” was all I could say before I was interrupted.

“He’s dead. After you collapsed I and the other checked your property and found the man in the shed. He was dead when we got there. No questions were asked and the police aren’t worried. “It was in self-defense” is what they called it.” The doctor said with a smile.

I heard him say “self-defense” and I wish I could say that it was, but it wasn’t. I killed that man with my bare hands. Not for striking me or attacking me. Not for anything relating to my health. No, I killed him for taking away Sophia. For taking away Juno’s mother, I killed him with the rage and hate that fueled my strength to squeeze out his life. When my own strength left me all that pent up emotion kicked in like a drug and finished the job. I wasn’t sorry or did I have any regrets about it. I do feel hollow that Sophia is still gone, but I need to push forward and move on. If not for me then for Juno.

After speaking with the doctor for some time I fell asleep again. No dreams just pure sleep.

A few days later

“So doc, can I leave yet?”

“I suppose, but no rough stuff, just walking. Try not to start trouble this time.” He said to me with a wink

“Yeah yeah. I promise I’ll go right home and be good.” I said with a mocking tone.

“Good. Now I had the nurse get you the flowers you asked for. Good luck Enzo and write us when you get home.”

“I will and thank you for everything.”

“No need to thank me, I’m a doctor after all.” He said as he walked out of the room.

I sat by myself for a moment to gather my head and get dressed. I had one stop to make before I headed home. One place I was both happy and sad to see.

I finished getting ready and gather my bags and the flowers. They were pretty bright yellow lilies, Sophia’s favorite. I walked out into the lobby and said my good byes. Leaving the clinic I was assaulted by the sun, stupid, stupid sun. It was a nice day, no clouds. Not too hot nor too cold, the best weather for traveling. I made my way to our old house and back to the hillside that I remember. As I got closer my emotions started to fail me. Where are they now that I need them to be strong? I could see the marker that I laid over her grave and I lost control of my emotions falling to my knees. No tears were shed, but my mind was in a storm of thoughts. I put the flowers down and said my prayers and thoughts. I told he good bye and walked away, leaving this place behind.

It wasn’t long before I reached the gates of Beddelton and went on my journey home. I remembered my journey here and the parts I didn’t want to. I came to the area where I met Vince and had our scuffle. I paid no attention to my surroundings and kept walking at a pace that was set high. I wanted to get home fast and forget everything bad that happened. I wanted that fresh start.

With Oliver

“Enzo should be home in the next day or so. “ Oliver said to his wife.
“Are you going to let Lilith know?”

“Yeah, when I go back to the shop.”

“Do you think he found anything? I mean he was going on blind tips and information about this guy.” Alice exclaimed with a hint of concern.

Unable to answer quickly Oliver stood silent. True Enzo was just following blindly some random tips and info that came through and he was high on emotions. The letter was pretty short and to the point.

“The letter said everything was okay and he’s headed back. I’m sure he would have said something if things weren’t good.” Spoke Oliver skeptically at his own words.

“Well I suppose that’s good. I’m sure Juno will be happy to see him and Lilith might as well.” Alice said with a wink.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing, just girl talk. Anyway I’ll go let Lilith know Enzo’s coming home soon.”

“Okay, I need to clean the shop and finish some work. Talk to you later tonight.” Oliver said giving a kiss to his wife as she walked out the door.

With Enzo

I wasn’t far from the gates to town. I’ve had a lot of time to myself to think about things and what I need to do, where my life will go from this point forward. Juno is the most important thing in my life and that is my drive to live and carry on.

I can see the gates and my shop. I need to stop by Lilith’s and pick up Juno. I’m sure she wants to see me, I missed her greatly.

Walking closer to the gates I can see how lively the place is. Something I never noticed before. This will be a good home for Juno.

With Lilith

Walking through the front door of Lilith’s house Alice calls for her “Lilith, are you here?”

“Yes, just getting Juno dressed for the day. What can I do for you?”

“We got word that Enzo should be back home today.” Alice said. As soon as Enzo’s name left her lips she noticed Lilith blush a little and a small smile formed on her lips.

“That’s good to hear. I was beginning to worry since we haven’t heard anything. I’ll get Juno ready, she’ll be so happy to see her daddy.”

Smirking Alice mumbled to Lilith, “I’m sure Juno’s not the only one to be happy to see him.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing just talking to myself out loud. Anyways come to the shop when you get Juno ready.”

“I will and thank you for telling me.”

With that Alice left the house and headed back to the shop to see Oliver. Lilith walked back to get Juno dressed and ready for the day and get herself dressed and ready. She could tell it was going to be a long day.

With Enzo

A figure approaches the blacksmiths shop carrying a bag and looking tired. He reaches for the door to open it. As he steps through a bell rings letting the workers know someone has come in. Immediately after the bell goes off footsteps were heard and a voice rang out. “Welcome to the Brass Hammer, what can I do for you?” Asked the shop keeper. As he approached the front he didn’t get a response and was about the ask again when he spotted the visitor.

“Enzo?” Was all Oliver could say.

“Who else would it be really?”

“Maybe a paying customer.”

“Well this is my shop so it would be odd to pay for something.”

“Yeah yeah. So you’re back and looking healthy and well.”

“I’m back and somewhat healthy and well.” This earned a raised eyebrow from Oliver.

“What? You’ll hear about it later. Right not I’m tired and want to see Juno.”

“She’s with Lilith if you’re wondering. You should go pick her up.” Oliver said with a wink.

Not sure but I swear I say him wink at me.

“That sounds like a good idea. Let me drop off my bags and I’ll head over there.

“Sounds good. Oh hey, we’re all going out tonight if you want to come? It would be good to relax. Alice said she’d watch Juno.”

“We’ll see, I’m tired and not feeling much like going out.”

“Well either way I hope you come out.”

That was the last bit of the conversation I heard as I left to go into my house. It’s nice living next door to your own business. I walk into the house and see a few of Juno’s toys lying around and that causes me to smile. I dropped my bag off and headed back out the door to Lilith’s.

Walking through town I paid more attention to it than I had before. Before I just moved here and wanted to focus on work and Juno. Not really paying attention to how the town looked. Soaking it all in I can see why I picked this place. It’s nice and cozy feeling. From the greetings and nods I’m getting from the residents shows me it’s going to be a good place to raise a child. Pulling myself out of my thoughts I reach Lilith’s house and knock on the door. After a few moments I can hear the pitter patter of little feet and the trudging sound of an adult’s feet approaching the door.

Opening the door I watch Lilith sweep the running Juno off her feet into a hug. For a moment I was stuck and couldn’t say anything. Watching her pick up Juno and Juno cling to her was something unexpected. I liked the scene in front of me. Still staring I watch as Lilith’s eyes met mine and locked on. Her turquoise eyes staring into mine and the blush that appeared on her face. Not noticing Juno call and signal with her hands for me to hold her I took a few steps forward. Within reach of Juno she grabbed my jacket breaking me out of my stupor.

Stuttering out of her stupor Lilith was the first to talk. “E-E-Enzo you’re back.”

“Just got back and came to get Juno.”

“I was actually on my way to your house. Alice told me you were coming home today.”

“Well you can come back with us if you want. I’m hungry and was going to make some dinner.”

“Sure, let me grab something and I’ll be right back.” Lilith said before letting Juno into my arms and going back inside.

Looking at Juno as she looked at me and smiled I was happy to be home. I haven’t left her for that long before and it wasn’t easy.

“I missed you.” I said to her as I kissed her head.

“Ok I’m ready now.” Lilith said running out of the house.

We left her house with Juno walking between us holding our hands. It was something I missed.

“So how was your trip? Did you find anything out?”

“It was so so. I did find out some things and dealt with others.”

I’d tell her more, but she doesn’t know the reason why I left and who I was going after. Telling her I murdered another man would make me look like a stable person let alone a father.

“That’s good and you’re back so that’s another good thing. Oliver’s been very bored with you gone.”

“haha well he’s just irritated that no one was coming in for paying work. At first when I entered the shop he thought I was a paying customer.”

“Yeah he’s done that to everyone, even me a few times.”

“Oh by the way, did Oliver invite you out tonight?” Asked Lilith.

“Yes he did and I told him I most likely won’t be going.”

I noticed when I said that Lilith’s features saddened a bit.

“But I suppose I can make a change to those plans and go.”

“You don’t have to. I mean you just got back and you’re probably tired.” Lilith stammered out cutely.

“It’s fine, I need to talk to Oliver anyways. I just need to find someone to watch Juno.”

“Alice said she’d watch her. I-I-I already asked her to.”

“Did you? Well I guess we’re going. Let me get changed. Can you get some stuff together for Juno?”


I walked up the stairs to my room to grab a quick shower and get dressed. I didn’t want to really go out, but I didn’t like that look I got. It was the same look Sophia gave me when she wasn’t happy with something I said or did. God I hope Juno doesn’t learn that look.

Grabbing my stuff I went into the bathroom and got undressed. The shower water was scorching on my skin but felt great. All the tension left immediately.

Lilith POV

“Come on Juno, let’s get you some toys and clothes so you can go see Aunty Alice.”

I grabbed Juno by the hand and walked with her up the stairs. Once we reached the top she made a stumbling mad dash towards her room. It was cute and funny to watch her run and almost tumble over every few steps. She could walk fine but when she would take off into a full sprint her little legs wouldn’t be as coordinated.

Further down the hallway I heard some noises like rustling. Being curious I went to where I heard the sounds and found a door slightly open. Peaking in I didn’t see anything other than a bedroom. As my head was turning I caught some movement and turned back to look into the room. Quickly finding the source of the movement I saw Enzo. He had just put his pants on and was shirtless. I could feel my face heating up from embarrassment. That blush however soon turned pale when he turned around. I could the scars that he held. Several scars lined his back. Some hard to make out while a large one near his side looked fresh. I wanted so badly to say something. To ask about his scars, but those were personal and I only knew about them because I peeked.

Not paying attention I felt a tug on the back of my shirt which startled me and caused me to bump the door open. Juno ran into the room and jump into the now shirt wearing Enzo’s arms. I went to leave to get Juno’s things when I saw Enzo give me a look of hurt. I didn’t know why and didn’t stay long enough to ponder it.


After dropping Juno off with Alice we made our way to the bar, the only bar in town actually. The walk was quiet with Lilith not looking at me at all it was odd. I knew she saw me and I’m ok with that, but she’s acting like I’m mad or she saw something horrible.

Walking through the bar doors we were assaulted by loud music, talking and a yelling Oliver. Apparently he started the party way before we showed up.

“HEY, finally you two show up. I figured he’d go home and pass out and you’d go home and read.” Oliver slurred out.

“I was talked into coming out. You can thank Lilith for that.” I said with a smile to ease the tension. It didn't work as she gave a fake smile and walked to the bar.

“What did you do?” Oliver asked.

“No clue.”

“Right, she just happened to be irritated once she walked in and went right to the bar.”

“Like I said I have no clue. Don’t you have things to ask me?”

“Yes yes, come sit. I’ll get some drinks.”

Leading me to a booth, I sat down and Oliver went up to the bar to get drinks. A few minutes later he returned with his hands full and a bar maid behind him with more drinks.

“I figured we’d need all we can drink.” Oliver said with a smirk.

“Why do I feel like I’m going to regret tonight?”

“Nah, I’ll stop you before it gets out of hand.”

Pouring me a glass and handing it to me we started drinking. Three or so shots later I was ready to tell me tale.

“So, what happened on your trip? Did the info pan out?” Oliver spoke is a now serious tone.

“The info was perfect. As for what happened…..

Flashback POV

I was walking towards Beddelton when I assaulted from behind by Vincent. He had gotten wind of someone looking for him and asking questions. I was stabbed a few times, but managed to knock him out with rock. This all happened right outside of the games so I drug him into town through the streets and up to our house. Finally stopping when I got to the barn. Then without hesitation I murdered him.

End of Flashback

Watching the facial expressions of Oliver I knew he was shocked. Also him dropping his drink didn’t help.

“You did what!” He shouted.

“I murdered him. I choked the life from his body like he did to Sophia.”

“I can’t believe you did that and got away with it.”

“Well the town police didn’t care. I was shocked. After I woke up in the hospital I asked about that and the Doc said everything was ok. It’s because they were looking for him as well to arrest him for her murder.” I said calmly.

“Hospital, what happened?”

“I was stabbed remember? After everything, I was heading to the gates to leave when I collapsed. I lost a lot of blood and once the emotions wore off my body gave in.”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say about any of this. I mean are you okay with things now?”

“Yes and no. I have closure and that’s what I really needed, but I’m still hurting that she’s gone.”

“Understandable. I’m still shocked about everything, but it makes sense. I was sure you weren’t just going to talk to this “Vincent” when you met him. I’m happy to see you back home.”

“It’s nice to be back. Now I can return to being Juno’s father and working.”

“Maybe you should include in that small list of things getting a girlfriend. I might know of a single lady that has an attachment to your daughter.”

“Not happening now or in the near future.”

“If you say so.” Oliver said with a grin. “I think you need to say something to Lilith. She’s been sitting alone since you guys go here.”

“Fine I will.” I said getting up from the booth, making my way towards where Lilith was sitting.

Lilith POV

I wonder what they’re talking about. One minute Oliver’s looks shocked then serious and the happy. Oh no Enzo’s coming this way.

End of POV

“Hi.” I nervously mumbled.


“Look about earlier; whatever I did I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t do anything. I was the one who was looking in your room.” Lilith said as a blush crept onto her cheeks.

“You saw them? I suppose you want to know why I have them.”

“I do yes, but it’s not needed.”

“It is, you are curious and I should tell someone. I got the smaller scars from when I was younger, getting into fights and the like. The larger fresh looking scars I got on my trip.” A gasp came from Lilith’s lips.

“What happened?”

“I was attacked by the person I was looking for. I was stabbed once and cut a few times.”

“Why would someone do that? Why would they just attack you?” She cried out.

“I wasn’t innocent. The person that attacked me I was looking for, for a reason. He was the killer of my wife.” As those words left my lips I felt regret. The look on Lilith’s face spoke more words than were contained in 100 dictionaries. She didn’t know my wife was killed. That only she had died.

Seeing a blur curly black hair I was engulfed into a bone breaking hug by Lilith. I could hear her sniffling into my shoulder.

“I’m so so sorry about your wife. I didn’t even know what happened.” Lilith choked out while crying.

“No one knows but Oliver and his wife. It wasn’t something I wanted known. Please stop crying and let’s drink.”

For a little bit longer I felt her gain control and become calm. She tilted her head a bit to look at me. I gave her a smile and a nod. She let me go and got back into her seat. Smiling at her again I ordered more drinks for us.
Sometime later…..

“I downt knw wat am dwoing. I hink am drink.” Lilith slurred out.

We’ve been drinking for three hours straight with no letting up. I’m a little inebriated, but not drunk. Lilith on the other hand is far beyond drunk. Her face is bright red and her speech is getting so bad. I feel a bit for her. I did try to stop her, but she insisted she was ok. No watching her I think she just put on a show.

After a few more minutes of watching her talk and try to do simple tasks I decide I should take her home.

Getting her out the door of the bar was easy as Oliver helped me, but now we’re alone outside and she’s in and out of consciousness.

Finally after hoisting her over my shoulder which garnered giggles of drunken laughter I made it to her place. I unlocked the door and walked toward the couch to drop her off. Setting her down gently I put a cushion under her head.
I headed to her room to grab some blankets and pillows for me. Since I wasn’t so drunk I felt I should stay and make sure she’ll be ok. It was my fault after all she’s like this. After getting the bedding I headed back downstairs to cover her up and lay down on the floor.

As I entered the living room I was attacked by the same curly haired black blur from the bar. This time there was no crying, no sniffling, and no sadness. No her eyes showed none of that. They showed want and desire. I could feel her hot breath on my lips and could smell the sweet alcohol she had to drink. Before I could protest her lips pressed to mine. Eyes widened at the action of my drunken friend, but I didn’t push her away. Instead I kissed her back.

“I’m sorry for that Enzo.” Came a small sweet voice.

“It’s ok; we’ve both had a lot to drink.”

“NO! I did this because I wanted to, not because I was drunk.”

“Why?” Was all I could ask.

I never got my verbal answer, but I go an answer when she crashed her lips to mine again. This time with more vigor and want. Not wasting a moment I kissed back just as fervently as Lilith did. Drawing a moan from her I kept kissing her lips. After a short time I used my tongue and licked her lips. Immediately her lips parted only to meet my tongue with hers. Our tongues wrestled for dominance of pleasure that even the loser would be a winner. The longer this went on the more she would moan. Louder and louder they came. With each one her body would grind harder on mine. My own body took its own action and pressed her against the wall. My hands started wandering around the new surroundings of her body. From her small back to her hips. I could feel her quiver with every touch. I felt her hands roam over my body as well. Eliciting the same response I got from her. Soon the grinding increased and I could feel the heat coming from her core. With a quick motion she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. Squeezing my hand herself and leaning into my ear to whisper, “please I need this, you need this.”

That was all it took for me to lose my restraints I had left. I kiss her again as I massaged her breast, feeling her nipple harden under her top. Switching hands I moved to her other breast and repeat the same action. Both nipples are now rock hard and straining against her top. Not one to be inactive she unbuttons the top to reveal bar skin. Moving over the flap of her top I can see her bare breast and hardened nipple. Lurching forward I clamp down on her nipple, licking and tugging gently. My actions earned some heavy moans as her hands moved over my body and tugged on my hair. Moving to the other nipple my free hand continues its ministrations on the other breast.

After what seemed like an eternity nipping and tugging at her breasts she pushes me away. Giving me a dirty smirk she pulls her skirt to reveals her soaked panties. Without hesitation she removes them to show me her heat producing core. Liking my reaction she turns towards the couch and leans forward bending over. Not needing any words or confirmation I join her in the semi nude, removing my pants and boxers. Getting closer she reaches back to grab my erection. Having a firm grip she leads me to her core wear she guides me in.

I slowly push myself in before I felt something restrictive stop me. Needing a moment to get my head right my eyes widen as I figured it out. She’s a virgin.

“Your hymen, you’re a virgin?”

“Y-y-yes. Does that bother you?” She asked shyly

“No, I just didn’t think you were.”

“It’s ok. I’m ok with this.” She says as she pushes her hips to join mine, breaking the barrier.

With each slow thrust I can hear a small hiss and moan coming from her. Soon the hissing stopped and the moaning became louder and more erotic. Soon I started to hear my name mixed in with the moans. This caused me to react and speed up my thrusts. At one point I heard her swearing to god and a few other choice words that included but not limited to fuck, shit, fuck Enzo fuck, fucking shit. A grin marred my face as a speed up and picked up the power of each thrust.

I could feel myself getting close and at each clinch of her core when she climaxed it drew me closure to mine. I was close when she changed positions to her back. Wrapping her legs around my waist drove me deeper than I was before. Earning me some more choice comments and moans that I enjoyed hear. Now watching her breasts sway with the rhythm of our actions and seeing her face of pure bliss I couldn’t last much longer. My thrusts became erratic in speed and rhythm.

“Enzo I’m cumming, please come with me. Cum in me.” She moaned out.
“I’m cumming!” Was all I could get out before my own climax tore through my body like a bomb. Every muscle in my body tensed up and a huge rush of emotions hit me to the point that I was high on them. Lilith wasn’t fairing any better. I felt her core clamp down as I came, sending her into another ear splitting climax. This time though I only heard my name come from her lips. I watched her face contort into different poses but each one erotic and ego boosting. Eventually my body relaxed and I fell onto the couch with Lilith.

“Are you ok?” I asked her in between pants.

“Yes very. Thank you.” She panted out.

I would have said more but sleep was starting to claim me. Before my world went completely black I swore I heard Lilith say something to me.

“I love you Enzo”

To be continued……

Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 26 Otome Yōkai Zakuro

124 views    posted 27 Jan 2014, 02:48    

What it's about?

It's about a half-yōkai along with other half-yōkai are made representatives of the Ministry of Spirits and chosen to work along side humans. Problem is the main character doesn't like humans and even more so those that practice the christian religion.

Why I recommend it?

I'm a big fan of folklore based anime/manga and this one is heavily influenced by folklore. The animation is terrific. While you may think it's washed out it's actually very vibrant and realistic is how it's down. I don't mean it's almost like looking at a live action video, but how things are drawn look more real than most anime. The faces and eyes of the characters are close to what actual humans look like. It's appealing in that aspect to me. And to end it, the story is good. The mix of folklore, action and a dash of romance it hits on some nice touches and it makes for a good watch

What I wish it had.

Always always more. It was as short series that deserves a 2nd season or movie. But again this is my thing and I have to have closure. The way it ended left it open for something else.


Story: 9
Character: 9
Rewatchable: 9
Overall: 9


Otome Yōkai Zakuro Trailer

I present you... beef jerky the beginning.

176 views    posted 22 Jan 2014, 04:41    
I love beef jerky and always wanted to make my own. This xmas I got a 4 tray Presto Dehydrator. After running some tests and making banana chips(which were amazing) I decided to make my own Jerky.

It started out with a 2.5 lb piece of Angus.
I let it sit in the freezer to stiffen up to make it easier to cut.

What I used to cut it with was this. A simple electric home meat slicer.

After I sliced what I needed I made my marinades.

This one is a caribbean jerk marinade I had already bought.

The other one is a basic mixture of, Soy Sauce, paprika, minced garlic, fresh cracked black pepper, salt, onion flakes.

Then I put them in the fridge for 6 hours. Then took them out and patted them dry as best as possible.

Final step was placing the meat on the trays.

Now they are sitting in the dehydrator for about 6-8 hours.

I'll post more pics of final product.

Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 25 Mezzo Forte/ Mezzo DSA

59 views    posted 20 Jan 2014, 08:17    

What it's about?
It's about three workers for the Danger Service Agency and the happenings that surround working for it. How the three deal with criminals and try to save the day. It sounds lame, but damnit I promise it's not.

Why I recommend it?
Why the hell not? No really. The animation has the mid/late 90's feel. The story is one of those that will leave you asking, "what the fuck did I just watch?" In those exact words. It's a good pseudo sci-fi series with loads of action and blood. Not to mention one ass kicking girl. And there may be some robot sex at some point....

What I wish it had.
More, definitaly more. It's a short series that started with a movie, then an anime series and one manga. It needed more, more I say. Another season of movies would have been great. It's one of those series that will be watchable in any era of anime.


Story: 9
Character: 9
Rewatchable: 8
Overall: 8

Mezzo Forte Trailer
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