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Where is your outrage Al Sharpton

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This may offend some but it's bound to happen anyways. This is just my feelings and emotions coming out. As a friend of people from all races this saddens me.

In the wake of the rioting and the mayhem in Ferguson, Missouri there was a tragedy that received no word in the news. Only after the hometown of the victim yelled out with rage did we find out about it.


His name is Zemir Begic age 32. Former resident of Waterloo, Iowa. On Sunday November 30th in St. Louis while out with his wife three teens, two black and one Hispanic hit his car. Begic got out of his car. At some time after those same three teens proceeded to beat him to death with hammers in front of his wife.

Why? Why would three teenagers from 15-17 beat a man to death with hammers? Why would they attack his car than do this to him, why? These same kids threatened another Bosnian man hours earlier on the same street. The police claim is wasn't race related, but how can they know this? Do blacks and Hispanics randomly walk around a known Bosnian part of town threatening residents with hammers? Or acts of violence?

Why isn't Sharpton and the other race baiters crying for the violence to stop? Begging for humanity and those that believe in god to step forward to help ease the tension? Where are the people fighting for all this violence to stop? Is it because the camera's aren't around? Is is because there isn't an opportunity to be in the limelight? Is it because he's not of your color? Where is the equality that you preach? Where is the media sensationalism that is always around acts like this?

I will admit that being white I have never suffered from racial prosecution. I've never been turned away or looked at because of my skin. I've never had to hide who I was. As I grew up I was ignorant to reality, only when I started to open my eyes did I truly feel for others.

I ask this.....

When will all issues regarding race be treated the same? Why can't one act get the same coverage and moral support from the outside as another. In the end we are all the same inside. This isn't about getting on TV, but showing that it's not just one race being harmed and violated. It's about all the races that do. Every single race has been harmed by another race. We can't solve the problem when the media and the world blindly follow what they read or see on TV.

The End of an Era..... Naruto 9/21/99 - 11/10/14

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September 21, 1999 - November 10, 2014

From the 700 chapter manga, to the 380 episode +(still airing) anime, the several movies with one coming out next month. The video games, Naruto has built a legacy in the history of anime/manga.

Whether you're a fan or not, it's hard to deny what Naruto has done for the industry and it's impact on cultures outside of it's home country.

My experience with Naruto was bittersweet. In the beginning I never watched it as I viewed it to be "too childish". I happened upon the Chunnin Exam arc and watched it from that point. Needless to say I was a fan from that point. I rewatched everything from the beginning to that point. Then carried on from where I left off to the end of Naruto and then Shippuden. I will always be a fan and not ashamed to say it.

So to you Masashi Kishimoto, thank you for 15 years of awesome ninja goodness.

Post your experience with Naruto and what you thought about everything. If you need to spoil something use the spoil tags. Even if it's something old, don't reveal it.

Some goodies for those that want to know about Naruto

Naruto Wikia

List of Movies

List of Characters

List of Naruto Games


If you comment please be respectful. If you never watched it and have nothing good to add, don't post.

See when two anime fans are in love and do this and that in 9 months you get.......

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KAT on MAL. Yes KAT on MAL. What is MAL? Like the question of what is the meaning of life, what is MAL has plagued the minds of people for years. But now you don't have to ponder and wonder what it is. KAT on MAL is the bestest KAT Anime Group in the history of man.

Why KAT on MAL? Well you get a nice setup with quick access to anime, manga and other anime related databases. You can also track and keep up to date you anime/manga watching/reading.

So come click on the banner below and join us... join us.

Remember same rules that are on KAT apply to this KAT on MAL as well.


Again thanks to wrong user link for creating this group.

Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 31 Fate/Stay Night

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What it's about?

It's about a high school aged boy who knows little of magic and uses what he knows to help others as a mechanic. As his fate he comes into a battle and is attacked. He knowingly summons a protector. From that point on his life takes a turn and he must fight to win.

Why I recommend it?

Very few times in my anime watching life(nearly 20 years) has one had a wierd emotional effect on my. When I hear the name "Fate/Stay Night" I have an emotional response. I get goosebumps and my mind wonders. For those that wonder, it's like when you hear someones voice you missed or haven't spoken to for a while. Or a song that you start to hear the very first start or the guitar riffs or the beat. It's that type of emotional response. No tears, just that feeling that of serenity. Though with Fate/Stay Night there is no serenity for me. It hits my romantic side and desires on target and in the end it did leave me in tears. I'll admit it out right.... I did cry.....

 show spoiler
I cried because the Shirou fell in love with Saber as did Saber fall in love with Shirou. The final scene of them defeating the enemy and Shirou telling Saber to destroy the Holy Grail was a sad event. Knowing that destroying it would send Saber back to her time. Before she was sent back she admitted her love to him. As she disappeared he cried.

Return to her time and asks her servant to return her sword to the lake. As she sits against a tree nearing death she speaks out... "My slumber this time...might be...a bit long... for a small moment her eyes remain open but they began to slowly close as she eternally sleeps.

At the end she dreamed a dream of what she had done, but in reality it wasn't a dream.

I've read that in the visual novel game that the "Last Episode" Saber and Shirou meet again in Avalon. Nothing is more poetic and perfect than that.

Here is a link to the final part of the anime series.

This is the link for the true end of the VN with Saber and Shirou meeting again.

What I wish it had.

Nothing. I could be selfish and plead for more but why? Why ask for something that never should be? I know there are other routes of the VN that have been animated, but to me this is the one that matters. Read inside the spoiler for my reasons.


Story: 9
Character: 10
Rewatchable: 9
Overall: 9


Fate/Stay Night trailer

Minecraft Survival mode try #2

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So after I posted my progress in survival mode of MC, mc game save started to glitch. I had a back up, but it also had the glitch. Went through several forums to fix it, seems that it's an unfixable glitch. Found out that random chunks of data would crop themselves out and put themselves in other parts of the game. How I found the glitch was randomly traveling and my chicken farm of 50 chickens appeared son 5K blocks from it's actual location. I go back to my home spot and my chicken farm is missing as well as any black in a 50x50 chunk form top of the world to bedrock. Fun times. So that brings me to this.

I had to restart and this is what I have now.

Entrance to Gottside during the day

At night

Inside of Gottside at night.

My lighting system that uses the day/night switch.

Buildings of Gottside. They aren't traditional ones as they are dug out of the canyon.

Overall views of Gottside during night and day.

Now to those that ask everything is hand created with no cheats. Every material was mined and created. To create the "House O' Enchanting I had to gather and slaughter many a cow to make books and created that sugarcane farm for the paper.

Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 30 Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero/Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

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What it's about?
It's about a lot of generally generic things at first, but blows your mind after the first 5 minutes. No really, it's about a young man who traveled to a magical realm to become a hero. After defeating evil and returning home, said young man gets magical powers. Once he returns he enrolls into a "special school" to train him in these powers. There he must train and defend himself and others.

Why I recommend it?
Cus it's badass in all sense and terms. At first it reads like any generic "hero story", but that's where it stops. Anyone who watches anime knows the sad but true stereotype that hero's are weak and self conscious crusaders who do no wrong. HAHAHA this hero isn't that. This hero is a lewd, crude, breast fondling hero dude. I was intrigued because this hero did his own thing regardless of right or wrong, but it was for the right. He just does things on his own terms. Aside from the awesome hero, it has a decent amount of boobs and other nifty things to fill your needs. The story is actually really good and doesn't get left to the side like so many other ecchi filled anime.

What I wish it had.
More episodes. Yes this is an overused phrase by me, but why not have more episodes? It's that good and needs more cus 12 episodes wasn't enough.


Story: 9
Character: 9
Rewatchable: 9
Overall: 9


When I Ruled the World

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When I was on high, I ruled the world with an iron fist. Letting no man make claim upon my throne.
When I was the King, I put forth the fear of a leader and the compassion of a saint.
When I was a ruler, I led my people to the paradise they seek.
When I was alive, I ruled the world.

When I ruled the world, the ground shook when I walked.
When I ruled the world, the earth regaled in my honor.
When I ruled the world, the sun shined brightest on me.
When I ruled the world, I died a saint.

When I died, the people cried for me.
When I died, the ground reclaimed my land.
When I died, the heavens lead my soul to them.
When I died, I became the martyr.

When I became a martyr, my name was banished from your mind.
When I became a martyr, my life was never known.
When I became a martyr, I lost all I had gained.
When I became a martyr, man made claims upon my throne.

I have died a righteous King of Kings, destroyer of foes.
I have died a most honorable way, fighting the demons.
I have died a most horrific way, impaled by a blade.
I have died alone they say, my own demons got in the way

Your Mess, You Clean It.

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This is a story that came to me about a few hours ago and this is the start of it.

**Warning this does contain fucked up things that may disturb others or turn them on. Which ever one is your own business.**

I was always an avid movie watcher when I was younger. Enjoying the bad guys getting the win and the good guys losing from time to time. But there was always one guy I loved to watch, the middle guy. One of my favorite movies involved a guy dubbed “The Cleaner”. His sole job in life was to fix the messes people made or basically clean up. He worked for anyone from your run of the mill gangster, politician, regular Joe Shmoe and crime bosses. It was intriguing, this “Cleaner”. Some would say his job was dirty and fit for the scum of society. Others would say he had people by the balls. I'd go with the “others” in this case.

See Cleaners are in the know of the bad shit people get into and do. They have info on people that could bury them for life if it got out. But even with all this power, Cleaners are trusted with what they see to keep it quiet and not for a cheap fee. In this movie, the Cleaner was paid $50,000 to clean a mess made by a drunken Japanese business man. What had happened was he got a little too drunk and found the ways of the “American hooker”. Him and his bodies got some hookers and headed to their hotel. Splitting up into their respective rooms to literally fuck the night away. Unfortunately the little foreign boozie was violent when he was drunk. Needless to say he ended up “braining” the poor hooker all over the hotel room. A freak out later and a call to The Cleaner and this little business man was heading to his meeting with no worries or memories from the night before.

I was hooked on that movie. I must have watched it a thousand times. It wasn't long before I started implementing the movie into my life. When I got into high school I started “cleaning” so to speak. People would do something that had the potential to get them in trouble, I got them free and clear, for a small fee of course. Some dude beat the tar out of another kid. One witness aside from the loser of the fight. A $300 fee later nothing happened. What happened? Well I got my fee, paid the witness and the punching bag and went on my way. Kid never got caught and I made $150. It evolved from that and got into more lucrative and bigger jobs. While the money for a high school kid was awesome and my name was floating around more than narc in the river, it wasn't enough. I needed something bigger. Than came my job.

My dad got me a job at the local dry cleaners. He was an old fashioned man who always preached hard work is good work and good work is hard work. Also some stuff about legit work is better than being the catcher in a prison shower.....(another story for later). Anyway, so I got this job working the counter taking in cleaning orders. It was decent easy money to. I didn't have to do much. Take an order, place the order, get the cloths and take money. After a bit I wanted to upgrade my position so I asked to be a “cleaner”. I know I said something wrong cus when that word came out of my mouth my boss and the other workers stiffened up. See again like the prison phrase from earlier, I didn't know that “cleaner” was really a term used in the real world. I thought it was a movie term and some moron kid(me) used it in high school to get some cash. Well fuck no on that one. Apparently it was an actual term for exactly what it was in the movie. My boss slowly turned to me and gave me a look that I swear made my asshole relax and my bowels empty. It was that fucking scary. Anyways he looked at me and asked “what the fuck did you just say?” In a psuedo Robert De Nero speech pattern that again my my ass relax and bowels move. I answered him honestly for fear of being clobbered to death and thrown into the river. He looked at me again but I didn't feel like shitting myself, no I was confused actually. He gave this smirk like he knew something about something you didn't know about and he was going to rub it in your face. Than the bastards starts laughing, fucking laughing. After five tense moments of my life flashing in front of me and being noted “as the kid who shit himself to death”, my boss is laughing. He looks over to my co worker who by the way is also... fucking laughing and says “little punk wants to be a cleaner, a fucking cleaner.” Again not sure about the humor in my desire to move up in the world but the other co worker start laughing as well, Apparently I said something so fucking funny that I started a riot. I was getting a little irritated by this. “What the hell is so funny!?” I yelled at the group. “I just want to move up in this business.” A little unnerving silence later the boss looks at me again than to the others and starts whispering. “Mumble mumble fucking kids mumble mumble cleaner”, was all I could make out of it. Boss and the two others turn to me and says “you want to be a cleaner? I'll allow it on some terms”. Nodding me head in excitement for the opportunity. “I'm not finished.” He says interrupting my joy. “You will do everything I say no questions no complaints.” I nodded. “You will be here everyday on time.” I nodded again. “You will not speak of this to anyone. What happens here or on the “job” stays there.” I nodd- wait what? Why the hell do I need to keep cleaning quiet from people? “Um boss, why do I need to keep it quiet?” I asked with hesitation afraid to lose the job. “Because what cleaners do is something many know, but don't know. You catch my drift.” Like a moron I nodded.

So began my start as a “Cleaner”. Why the quotation marks around cleaner? Well see what I thought I'd be getting into was cleaning. In a way it was cleaning, but with a twist. A sick, perverted blood and semen soaked twist. I clean alright. First night I went with my boss and the two others to this shanty looking apartment building. Walked a million fucking stairs to the top. Walked to room 821. Door was ajar and you could hear mumbling coming from behind the door. Boss pushed open the door and we all hurried in. Something about this place said “hurry the fuck inside”. Once I got in I was hit with this smell of meat, ass and sex. Not the combination I prefer. It was gross really. What was worse, the mumbling was coming from this cracked out looking business man sitting on the floor next to a mutilated body of a woman. Crazy fucker was nude, dick in hand furiously masturbating on her corpse. The woman looked to have been fucked while being hit with a hammer. Blood was pretty much everywhere. Along with brain matter and the crazy fuckers cum. Needless to say I vomited. I vomited like the bitch on the Exorcist. My vomiting broke the cracked out dick holding crazy out of his daze and he of course freaked out. Now when you freak out you normally don't keep doing what you are doing while you freak out. No, you stop what you are doing immediately and then freak out. Not this fucker. Oh no, he shot up to his feet dick in hand. Looking around at the new arrivals to this party he starts stalking our little group, still with his dick locked in a death grip. Someone moves just enough and the next thing I know I have the guy chasing me down masturbating as he's yelling at me to fix it. Fix what? Was my first thought. This isn't the shit I signed up for. No one needs to see some dude gripping his dick like it's a dead mans switch while he “strokes one” on a corpse.

Yeah so after a decent amount of time dealing with “dickman” he became calm and even let go of his dick. Something I was oddly comforted by. Not to far after our contact came in and explained the issue. The “dickman” just so happened to be the son of a politician and a big name one as well. He had fallen out of his fathers graces and became an addict. He was tracked down to this place after he was seen picking up a hooker(see corpse of woman from earlier). The contact said he watched as “dickman” had sex, did heroin and PCP, had sex again and killed the woman. That's when he called up. He wasn't aware of the other things he was doing but he didn't care. He wanted this cleaned and erased from the world. Boss settled on some business things with a shake of the hand to the contact and we got to work.

Longest night of my life and by far the most fucked up. But when Boss handed me a wad of cash(talking hundreds and fifties), it all went away. I was hooked from that point on. And this is how I became “The Cleaner”

Route 66.... Again

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Again here I am travelling the "Mother Road" of America. This time we went from Springfield, Missouri to St. Louis, Missouri.. well actually Fenton, Missouri as my mom has aversions to large cities. We left from Des Moines, Iowa on June 20th, 2014 and returned home June 22nd, 2014.

I will say that this stretch of Route 66 was not as historically marked with old buildings and signs as the other side when going West from Springfield. I figured that it was more scenic in nature with small towns dotting the route here and there. Nothing really stands as a marker of these towns and what they meant for Route 66 as when these towns went under so did the buildings. Another part of it was that there just wasn't much on this section of it. It's more open road or forest lined road with meandering turns that would make any road racer happy. Most of these roads you can blaze around going 55 mph.

When we started in Springfield we actually stayed in a renovated former Rail Haven Motel. It still sits on the original location as well as the original buildings. It is now owned by Best Western, but they kept the name or they added Rail Haven to the Best Western moniker for this hotel.

I didn't get an actual self taken picture of the sign, but I found one online.

There is also another sign on the grounds.

After leaving the hotel we hit a few spots along the way out of town. The first being the Solo cup manufacturing plant that used to be the largest paper cup manufacturer in the world. Now it's just a building with a large cup on the front. Still cool.

The next stop was the Rest Haven Court. Like Rail Haven this is an original location and still working motel.

Now we took a short drive to the next location of Lebanon, Mo. The way there was very scenic and easy to drive.

The first thing we passed was a Route 66 Byway sign and not far after was an old gas station.

Now into Lebanon we came up to the Forest Manor Motel. It's still open for business, though from what we can tell it's not as used as the other just down the road. But it's still open and standing so that's a plus.

After that is an old grocery store that was just recently open, but closed. Wrinks Market.

Another sign pointing us in the right direction.

Now we found a great place just a block or so from the Forest Manor. It's call the Mungar Moss Hotel. It's still completely open and functioning and even owned by the original owners. It's a famous landmark on Route 66.

Another Route 66 sign but different from the others.

Outside of Lebanon there is a stretch of Route 66 that is completely original and still has the original pavement and curbs.

Fun fact: Certain parts of this road contained curbs that were placing inward instead or outward. The thought was that outward facing curds caused vehicles to go off road so inward facing curbs would prevent that. While a good idea in theory, the inward facing curbs actually caused cars to roll over. Thus ending the "inward facing curb" idea.

Next stop was Devil's Elbow. While at first I thought it was some wicked sharp turn it wasn't. It has more to do with the river than the road, but it's still a sit to see.

There is a section of the road that contains on original bridge that you can look into the valley and see the river and the train bridge.

If you look at the road you can still see the original curbs.

Here are some of the valley.

After Devil's Elbow was this bridge.

Another section of original road.

A trading post in Fanning, Mo

Next up was Cuba, Mo. There are several buildings with painted murals. But what they don't tell you is that it's like a treasure hunt to find them. I did manage to get a few though.

Random gas station in Cuba, Mo.

On the way out of Cuba, Mo came the Wagon Wheel Motel. Still open and running like the old days.

Office pics.

Sign pics

Motel cabins

After a much longer drive we came into Stanton, Mo. Not much to see but we did see the last continuously active business.

And an old Motel that is sadly closed. The name is the Delta 66.

After Stanton we drove into Gray Summit, Mo. Which by the way is an unincorporated town and not listed on anything. But alas we found another motel. This one is called the Sunset Motel. It to was still open for business.

The last awesomeness we found was the Gardenway Motel. It was located on the way out of Gray Summit.

In the end this is our total mileage from Des Moines, Iowa to Springfield, Mo to St.Louis, Mo back to Des Moines, Iowa.
All in all it was a great trip and had more of a scenic Sunday drive feel to it than the other. Granted it felt like a tour or old hotels/motels it still felt like taking a trip back in time. That's how the road makes you feel. You don't feel like you're just on a road. No, you feel like you are on a journey where time is not your enemy. Where the speed zone signs say 55, but you can cruise at 35 to take in the scenery and no one cares. It felt calming to be on that road and I loved it.

I can say that these two trips have been life changers for me. They made me think about things and wonder as well. Seeing the old merge with the new and work together in this world of speed chaos. Seeing old run down buildings in the Texas flat lands out last the new buildings of the big cities. Seeing these small town cling to the road that created them like it was the only life source. It makes you sad and happy. Sad that these places were bypassed to take of a few minutes of travel time and to appease those that aren't patient. Happy, that these towns are still proud of that road the flaunt it. Saying this road is the birth road of the interstate system in America. Where nostalgia and new beginnings meet the pavement in a clash of old and shiny.

Long live the mother road of America.

Chapter 9. Face

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Chapter 9. Face

Somewhere away from Gottside…

“Master, your transportation is ready for your trip.” Said a nicely dressed older man.

“Very good. Gather my assistant and tell her to be at the carriage in ten minutes.” Spoke his master.


Waking up earlier in the morning together in the same bed with Lilith I had to stop and pause. I needed to look at her unabashed from her view. Looking at her peacefully sleep I can only imagine what she is dreaming about at that moment. I know my dreams of late are about her and our short time together, but those dreams I cherish.

Getting up slowly out of the bed making sure I don’t wake Lilith. I grab my clothes and get dressed. I check on Juno to see her still sleeping peacefully. Walking up to her crib I bend down and give her a kiss on the forehead.

“I’m jealous you didn’t give me a kiss.” Came a sweet pouty voice that startled me.

Smiling and walking over to Lilith I kiss her forehead. “Sorry I didn’t want to wake you.”

“It’s ok, we do other things that show intimacy.” She matter-of-factly says with a smirk. “You should get breakfast started and I’ll get Juno up and ready.”
Winking I start walking towards the bedroom door. “Fine, you just want to keep Juno to yourself. I see how it is.”

To be honest I am a little jealous. Lilith is really great with Juno and Juno has taken to Lilith almost like a mother. I noticed this when she came up to Lilith and put her hands up in the motion to pick her up. Not to me, but to Lilith. Oh well I guess it was bound to happen.


“You know little one I love your father dearly. I don’t know how it happened, but I do love him. And I love you as well. I won’t push your father to love me, but I’ll be there for him and let him know I do.”

After Lilith said her thought she watches Juno giggle and play around. She got up and grabbed her to get her dressed and head down for breakfast.


“So Elrich, what are your plans once we reach town?” Said a woman with a notepad set out ready to write something.

“I’m strictly here to meet someone. If they will meet with me then I might be here for a few days if not longer. If I’m refused than we leave immediately.” The last part coming out solemn.

“Well, when we arrived I’ll get lodging for us. I’m sure the person you want to see will see you.”

Looking out the window of the carriage Elrich had a sad look on his face. He regretted his actions towards his family especially his daughter. Letting her leave and not chasing her was a mistake. He knew he should have gone and visited her at least once since then. Anytime she moved she would always send a letter with her new address. He would always stubbornly read them and toss them in the trash, never keeping record of the new information. Then out of nowhere he had to visit her.

“Not likely. I let her go when I should have made her stay. Why would a daughter want to see a father that didn’t care?”

The words that he spoke froze his female companion. She couldn’t find the words to speak. She knew he had a daughter, but never knew the details of their relationship.

“Sir Elric, we will be in Gottside in 15 minutes.” Spoke the carriage driver.

“Very well, we should prepare for arrival.”


‘Ting, ting ting’

Oliver watching Enzo work walked up to him. Waiting a bit then speaking. “So I see Lilith came and picked up Juno early again.”

‘Ting, ting, fuck!!’

“God damnit that hurt.” Enzo bellowed out in pain. “And yes for your information she did.”

“That’s been what, two months now that she’s been doing that?”

“Yeah, your point?”

“Funny because I never see her arrive in the morning and I’m here very early.” Oliver said with a smirk watching Enzo’s eyebrow raise at his comments. “You don’t have to lie, I know you’ve been sleeping together.”


There was silence aside from the sound of the fire burning in the background.
With a giggle and a devious grin Oliver asked “So is it good?” After asking that Enzo sputtered out the drink he just took and turned to Oliver.

“Seriously you are going to ask me that?” He said with narrowed eyes.

“Yes until you just admit it and tell me what you two have been up to. Both me and Alice already know.”


“The way Lilith looks when she’s around you. The fact that she has to walk past my house to get to hers and hasn’t for two months. Or the fact that I see her leaving in the same outfit she had on the day before acting like she just picked up Juno.” He said matter-of-factly.

“You guys need a hobby.”

“We do, it’s called people watching.”

Enzo wasn’t sure what to say. He thought their act was sly and no one caught on.

“So why not watch other people?”

“What’s the fun in that when we know our friends are trying to be sly about their relationship?” Waiting for Enzo to say something, Oliver made one last jab to get an answer. “So, how is it?”

“Damnit, why do you want to know how the sex is?” Enzo yelled out.

“Haha, no I was talking about the relationship but knowing about that is good as well.”

“You bastard. If you want to know the relationship we have is going great. As for the sex, well it’s great as well.”

“You think it will turn into anything more, like marriage?”

Sighing at that question, one that he’d been thinking about himself. While it was still early to propose marriage he thought about the future with the raven haired beauty.

“I don’t know. I’ve thought about that and the future and it scares me. I can’t do that again. I can’t lose someone like that again.”

“Don’t always assume you will have the same path as the past. I worry about losing Alice every day, but that doesn’t stop me from being with her. It pushes me to be with her and to protect her. Even if for some ungodly unfair reason she were to die, I’d know that I did everything to keep her safe.” Spoke Oliver softly.

Taking a moment to let Oliver’s words sink in Enzo started back to his work.

“Ting Ting Ting”

“So about the sex, is she a screamer and does she like to be dominated.” Teased Oliver with a smirk.

“Ting Ting FUCK!!!”


“Sir we have arrived to Gottside.”

“Very good. Leave our bags here until we find a place to stay. Ms. Thorn, find a place to stay, I’m going to visit someone if I can.”

“Yes Mr. Elrich. I’ll send someone to get you and the bags when it’s ready.”

After getting out of the carriage and finding his way Elrich took off walking towards the outer side of town.


Near the outer side of town Lilith was walking hand in hand with Juno. They were heading to the local park. Lilith would take Juno to the park as much as she could so she could play with the other kids and make friends. She would even bring along her sand toys so she could share.

Once the two reached the park it was a fight to keep Juno patient enough to get her toys out of the bag and handed to her. She was ready to go as soon as she say the park. As soon as she got her toys she bolted to the sand box, leaving Lilith behind.

“Stay where I can see you Juno.” Lilith said to Juno as she ran towards the sandbox.

Lilith watched Juno interact with the other kids. She took to others like a fish does to water. Making friends left and right. She also seemed to be the peace keeper. Any time issues would come up between the kids she would calm them down. It was amusing to see this little girl calm down a rowdy group of boys.
As she watched the kids she was brought out of her thoughts by the sounds of leaves and sticks breaking. Turning her attention to the sound he eyes widened in shock.

“Father, wha-what are you doing here?” She stammered out.

“I’ve come to see you Lilith. I needed to see you.”

Lilith looked frozen at the man she called her father. After years of no contact or word between them he shows up and wants to talk.

“Why now? Why not before?” Was all she could say.

“I’ve made mistake Lilith, many mistakes. Most with you and how I let you leave without stopping you, or how I never tried to contact you. I regret that and everything else.”

“You can’t just show up to where I live and expect me to accept things. I wanted to leave and seek out my own life, but I thought as my father you would have said something, anything.”

“I wanted to, but didn’t know what to say. Your mother did the same thing before we met. She left her family and went out on her own to find herself.”

Hearing about her mother’s past and similarities between the two caused Lilith to lose the anger she had in her eyes and instead replaced it with a soft expression. She didn’t know the past of her mother very well. Only getting small details here and there form her father.

“I’m not asking you to come home or to change, I’m just here to talk and spend time with you again. If after I leave you want to nothing to do with me as your father I will respect that.” The man softly spoke.

Lilith didn’t know what to say to that. She loved her father and was angry he didn’t care to communicate with her or even visit her.

“I won’t push you away father and I want to keep in touch with you after this as well. Can you promise me that?”

“Yes Lily.” Hearing her childhood nickname cause Lilith’s mouth to form a small scowl. “I’ll keep in touch and even visit.

“Good, now come sit. I still have my job to do and I can’t have my head turned away.”

With that her father took a seat next to her on the bench. It was a quiet few minutes before her father turned to Lilith and saw her looking and waving back to a child that was waving to her.

“Is that child yours?” Her father asked.

“No-no. She is a child I babysit. I’m a nanny. I take care of her for her father who works all day and into the night most days.”

“Well that’s good. Had me worried for a second.”

“Why would that worry you? I’m old enough to have children.” Lilith argued back.

“It’s not that. I just didn’t want to miss my grandchild’s life.”

Hearing that brought a blush to Lilith’s face. She wanted kids and always like being around them. In reality she thought of Juno as her pseudo daughter.

“So tell me about the child’s father since that blush on your face isn’t from a fever”. Teased her father.

“He’s a nice man that I’ve been seeing for a bit now. He’s the town’s blacksmith.” Hearing that part her father turned his head to listen to what his
daughter was saying.

“How long has he been in town?”

“Almost a year now.”

“You didn’t rush into anything did you?”

“No, it took a while. I started out taking care of Juno while he worked and traveled. Then after talking to him about his past and learning that his wife had died things changed.”

Something about this man his daughter was seeing was familiar but he couldn’t place what it was. He knew plenty of blacksmiths and even hired a few of them to work at his home for various amounts of time.

“When can I meet this many my daughter is seeing?”

“Well, you might be able to see him tonight when he picks up Juno. It’s actually an early night and he’s coming for dinner.” Lilith said with a blush.

“Good. I want to see how well you can cook. If you marry this man he’ll need fed.” Her father said smirking at the blush that adorned Lilith’s face.

After their talk they both sat a watched Juno play with the other kids. They talked about the times they both missed and talked about old memories.


“I’m heading out Oliver. Make sure to lock things up when you leave. You can have the next few days off as well.”

“Why thank you master, didn’t know I was doing such a good job.” Oliver replied with a sarcastic smirk.

“Funny, I could just change that to overtime for the next week and tell your wife you wanted it.”


“That’s what I thought. Anyways I’ll see you later.” Enzo said as he walked out of the shop door.


Nobody replied to his screaming that out, but he knew Enzo heard him.


“Father can you help me with this last part of dinner?”

“Sure, but what about Juno?”

“She’s a good girl. She’ll play by herself.” Lilith said with a soft smile.

“That must be nice? Most children her age are running rampant causing mass chaos.”

“She is always this way. She’ll stay and play with her toys and only make noise when she needs something.”

“Her father must be happy she’s behaved?”

“He is, but he works a lot so he doesn’t see all the little things she does. He’s missed a lot.”

“He’s the man of the house so it’s bound to happen. He has to provide and protect. He hired you after all.”

Lilith didn’t respond but a smile crept onto her face. It was the truth; Enzo could have hired anyone to take care of his daughter. There are a few other nannies in town with more experience than her.

“Okay, just a little more and we’ll be done with dinner. Keep stirring and I’ll set the table and get Juno ready.”


Done giving her father the instructions for dinner, Lilith got the items to set the

table. After that she went to get Juno and get her ready for dinner.

‘Knock, Knock'

Hearing the knock on the door she walked with Juno to the door.



“Hi little one”

“This is your house you don’t have to knock.”

“I wanted to, as a surprise. Plus I knew you and Juno would greet me.” Enzo said leaning down to give Lilith and Juno both kisses.

Blushing Lilith turned her head away before she spoke.

“Stop that we have guests.”

“Oh really? It’s not that slacker Oliver is it?”

“What Oliver slacking? No way it’s not him.”

“Good, because he’s working overtime. But anyway, who is it.”

“Well it’s my father.”

“Hmm interesting. So when did he get here?”

“Today, he just kind of showed up and we talked.”

“That’s good. Is everything okay between you two then?”

“Yes. We talked things out at the park while Juno was playing. I invited him to dinner so you two can meet.”

“So I have to meet the father of the women I’m with?”

Blushing Lilith’s looked into Enzo’s eyes. “I didn’t think about it like that but yes.”

“Sounds good, where is he?”

“Watching the food, come step inside I’ll go get him.”

With that Enzo stepped inside and Lilith went to the kitchen to get her father so the two could meet. Enzo enjoyed the small amount of time he had with his daughter. Before it would last he heard footsteps coming his way.

“Enzo, this is my father Marcus.” At mention of her father’s name Enzo’s smile faded away to a hateful scowl. His eyes showed rage and his body shook.

“Father this is my boyfriend ….”

“You son of a bitch, it’s you. I remember you.” Enzo spat out.

“I have no clue as to who you are, but you better watch your tongue boy.”

“Fuck you, I know you. You employed me a few years ago to do some iron work at your property. I stayed there for a few months.” Enzo’s voice cracking at the details.

“Ah yes I remember you now, you do great work.” Marcus replied calmly and almost oblivious to what Enzo was getting at.

“You also remember that servant girl that you employed that was around my age, the one that ran away?”

Marcus’s eyes widened as he remembered that girl “I do remember her….”
“The girl that was murdered recently?” Enzo screamed out as he lunged
towards the older man.

“Enzo stop this, don’t hurt him.” Lilith tried to stop Enzo from attacking her father.

“Get the fuck away from me, don’t touch me. This man is your father?”

“Yes he’s my father, but he didn’t do anything to you. Why are you attacking him?” Lilith yelled back to Enzo.

Through all this fighting and yelling Juno sat quietly and watched. She was far too young to understand but she sensed her father’s sadness and began to get upset.

“D-didn’t do anything to my? Why don’t you ask him about that girl? The girl that worked for him that ran away and was murdered. Why don’t you ask him all about that. I’m sure your father wouldn’t lie to his own blood would he?”

Enzo spoke out with a venomous tone.
After that outburst everything was silent, only breathing and Juno fidgeting could be heard. Three adults stop looking at one another in an almost trance like state. Two of which were in pure anger and another torn between confusion and love. The silence didn’t last long.

“I’m taking Juno with me and staying at the Inn. I want this piece of shit gone by tomorrow.” Without looking towards Lilith as he walked away with Juno. Turning his head before he walked out of the door. “You’re also fired. I don’t need someone related to him watching my child.” Turning back around and walking out the door Enzo wasn’t coming back anytime soon or calming down.

A look of shock and sadness adorned Lilith’s face. What was supposed to be a nice dinner with her old family and possibly her new family turned into a fight between those two families. Stuck in the middle of everything was Lilith. She wasn’t privy on any of these details that just came up.

“Well that went worse than I thought. I figured you would pick better companions.” Her father said smugly.


“It’s ok. Now you can move back home.”


“Why aren’t you saying anything to me? Didn’t you just hear what he said?”

“Yes father I heard and I don’t know what to do.”

“Let’s sit and eat the dinner you made. We can talk about this later.”


Both headed into the kitchen to prepare dinner so they could eat. For a while it was silence as Lilith moved about finishing things up.

Now they were sitting at the table in more silence as they both at. Lilith had a lot of things running through her mind and her father was part of her thoughts. She wanted to ask about that girl and why it made Enzo so angry.

“Lilith, forget everything that happened to night and enjoy our reunion.”

“Sure, but after we talk.”

“Okay, would do you want to talk about?”


The silence crept back in as Lilith gained her courage back. It was hard to question a family member and even more someone you care about. But she needed to get this out into the open.

“Father…. what was the name of that girl and what happened to her?”
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