Global Language Change

6 views    posted 12 Oct 2011, 10:14 by KickassTorrents    
We've noticed that some of our users are experiencing problems with their default language of The thing is, that today we changed the way the languages are displayed and what is most important switched from sub-domains like to the use of cookies. So that is why some of the users have the website in the wrong language! But this can be easily fixed - just scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the change language option and select the language you want.



Current Avast Issues

18 views    posted 10 Oct 2011, 13:31 by KickassTorrents    
Our users that are using the Avast anti-virus might have noticed that suddenly became labeled as a dangerous website for users that are not logged in. We want to assure our users that KickassTorrents has no malware or viruses of any kind and it is absolutely safe to use our website. We already contacted Avast and currently we are trying to find and fix the cause of this problem. You will help us if you choose the "Report the file as a false positive" option if you get the alert.


If you are interested in the issue, or want to support us feel free to participate in the discussion on the official Avast forum.

Thank you!

Update: Avast just notified us that everything is fixed! If you have avast please check if the issue is gone!

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

4 views    posted 06 Oct 2011, 10:16 by KickassTorrents    
Steve was a great inspiration to us all, so it's kind of a sad day here at HQ. For us he will always be a great visionary and a man that truly changed our everyday lives.

Stay hungry, stay foolish. (c)
87 comments - Offline For a Short Period of Time

3 views    posted 27 Sep 2011, 13:52 by KickassTorrents    
In 15-30 minutes the website will go down due to network problems. We will try to get it back online ASAP!

September Upd.2 - RSS Feed Update, Refresh

2 views    posted 26 Sep 2011, 14:56 by KickassTorrents    
Few new things:

1. An update on personal RSS feed, now the have last-modified time and etag to identify feed update time.

2. We added a new refresh mechanism, so now the seed/leech count shows more accurate numbers.

Plus a huge bugfix!

September Upd.1 - Advanced Search, Userbars, etc.

1 view    posted 08 Sep 2011, 16:19 by KickassTorrents    
We're back with some new features!

1. The final version of advanced search!

2. Authors can delete comments on their blog posts.

3. IMBD and Rotten Tomatoes ratings is now fixed.

4. New userbars and widgets!

Stay tuned for more!

100.000 Likes on Facebook!

6 views    posted 18 Aug 2011, 10:40 by KickassTorrents    
We're happy announce that our official Facebook fan community reached 100k likes just few hours ago! Thanks to everyone for supporting!

August upd.1 - New Search Tags

11 views    posted 15 Aug 2011, 14:55 by KickassTorrents    
We had a pretty lazy summer, still we managed to rework the search and add new search tags.
If you need to find uploads by certain user.
Example: user:EZTV

Movie or TV show in following language.
Example: lang:French

Select only verified content.
Example: verified:1

Select only torrents with a certain number of files.
Example: files:4

If you look for a certain season (for TV shows only).
Example: season:2

If you look for a certain episode (for TV shows only).
Example: episode:13


3 views    posted 15 Aug 2011, 11:08 by KickassTorrents    
Today around 01-02 P.M. GMT, will go offline for 30-90 minutes (estimated time) due to maintenance!

July upd.2 - Bookmarks Update!

1 view    posted 13 Jul 2011, 16:41 by KickassTorrents    
Few new updates!
1. We started renewing our bookmarks! Currently you can see just the first changes, but more will come.
2. The userpic upload limit was raised to 300kb.

3. Uploaders from now on cant rate comments on their torrents.
Report a bug