Technical maintenance (March, 17)

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Hi all!
Today is on technical maintenance, so KAT can be down from time to time. Don't worry, we'll be back asap!

Edit by Mr.Blonde192.37K : We're having few issues going on. Please be patient with us. Sorry for any inconveniences!
371 comments domain back

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Hi all!
Sorry for the delayed informing you. Due to technical issues with old .so domain, we returned to

Merry Christmas!

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Hey, fellas!
Merry Christmas to all of you, you are the best!
Our KAT team wishes everyone here to be happy and keep this feeling as long as possible!

Merry Christmas!
And thank you for staying with KickassTorrents!
Love ya.

Jessica Sutta: press release exclusively for Kickass

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Psss, wanna some candy? ;)

When the Pussycat Dolls called it quits in 2010, group member Jessica Sutta shifted her focus to her solo career and has continued to make a buzz with her dance hits “Show Me,” “Again,” and “Lights Out" as well as featuring on Dave Aude's track "Make it Last" and Paul Van Dyk's "White Lies."

Watch Jessica strut her stuff in the “Candy” music video, here on Kickass. The singer lives up to the song’s title, surrounding herself with all things sweet — lollipops, Mike & Ikes, gumballs, and peppermint sticks. “Candy” is from Jessica’s forthcoming album, Feline Resurrection, which includes production from Rico Love, Benny Cassette, and S-X. Though "Candy" is more familiar territory in terms of sound, Jessica is excited to share the diversity and edginess of the unchartered territory she ventures into with the rest of the album.

Though Jessica has had 3 number 1 songs on the Billboard Dance Charts as an independent artist in the US, she has yet to crossover fully and become a household name like the Dolls were collectively. The cool thing about Jessica is that she has refused to take the shortcuts offered to her through the reality TV route and other avenues that she says would have prevented her from being in tune with her moral compass, just to get ahead.

"There are so many ways to get noticed in this business. It's so corrupt and i've witnessed what happens if you kiss the right asses and well…. do other things with the "right" people…. Lets just say I would rather lead with music and performance which is what I love and do it at whatever pace I can, without losing my integrity. I love to wear sexy, skimpy outfits and be adventurous with my looks but it doesn't mean i'm willing to sell my soul for accelerated success. Ultimately the goal is to be happy right? How could I ever be happy knowing I am not being the best person I can be," says the pop star exclusively to Kickass!

Jessica's response when asked about why she is making the song available for free download: "I am more of the Dave Grohl school of thought when it comes to giving away music. Times have changed and you have to be prepared to change your business model with the times. Most kids nowadays get their music for free. Why fight that? I would rather embrace it and make sure they at least get the high quality versions of the songs. More importantly, I would rather get my songs heard by many who downloaded them for free rather than to sell it to a fraction of that number. As an artist, I want my art to be heard. I want my art to be seen. If I can connect with more people through this avenue, then I am all for it."


Login news

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Hi everyone!

This update is for those who used to log in to KAT via Google and Facebook. These social networks have just turned off Open ID login, unfortunately.
From now on please either use the password that was sent to you after registration or use the password recovery option.
Login via Twitter and Yahoo still works fine!

In other news,
We have updated the header a little bit. If you got wide enough screen, feedback will be seen in the header, and not under your profile (if you don't have wide enough screen, it'll be shown under your profile drop down as before).
Bookmarks has a drop down with all subscription categories. And Social has been added in Community drop down so you got a quick link to social groups.

KAT Team

Domain name change (November 2014)

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Hi everyone!

We are moving to now. As you know we change our domain regularly. Nothing more has been changed for you, so don't worry, you can use Kickass as usually, it's automatically redirected.

KAT Team

Upd. November, 2014

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Hi all Kickass users!

Check out our new header!
We've started to change our website design and header is just the beginning!
Just a short brief about the new header:
- Responsive (it adjusts to your screen width)
- Feedback is to be seen under your avatar/username. When you got a torrent to give feedback, an orb will be shown next to your avatar.
- Messages; you can create and go to your dialog in dropdown. If you received a new message, it'll be displayed in the drop down as well!
- Browse: Hovering your mouse over browse will show you all our main categories. Clicking browse will send you to the browsing page.
If you don't wish to have the header following down the page, go to your settings and check 'unstick header'

As usual, more bugs were fixed and Kickass is very much better now.

Thanks everyone who helps us to improve KAT every day!

KAT Team

Mid-Fall Update October, 14

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Hey everybody!

Kickass has been released today and here are the changes:
- As usual, lots of bugs were fixed;
- The idea ‘Request Torrent Button at Uploader Wall’ was completed. Now you are allowed to request torrents from Uploader’s profile.
Its benefits:
1. Uploader gets a quick request and can either complete it or delete if needed;
2. It’s easy for User to request a torrent rather then to visit forum and waste time seeking for the right post there;
3. This feature helps an Uploader to gain reputation points by completing the request;

- Now Users have the possibility to fill missing summaries for all media types;

- Chat was restyled and Users have the possibility to minimize it;


- There were 5 new languages added to Kickass:

Special thanks to those who participate in translating new and old languages, finding bugs, suggesting good ideas!
Thanks to all of you for being with us!

KAT Team

Kickass Wallpapers Competition Winners!

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Greeting everyone!

With great pleasure we present you the winners of our Kickass Wallpapers Competition !

Congratulations Championiest4208 , Nightmare59.78K and Tophey3046 !

You have done an amazing job!

Here are the new official KickassTorrents desktop wallpapers for your eyes only:

1. Championiest4208


[1920x1080] - [1680x1050] - [1440x900] - [1280x1024] - [1280x800] - [1024x768]

2. Nightmare59.78K


[1920x1080] - [1680x1050] - [1440x900] - [1280x1024] - [1280x800] - [1024x768]

[1920x1080] - [1680x1050] - [1440x900] - [1280x1024] - [1280x800] - [1024x768]

[1920x1080] - [1680x1050] - [1440x900] - [1280x1024] - [1280x800] - [1024x768]

[1920x1080] - [1680x1050] - [1440x900] - [1280x1024] - [1280x800] - [1024x768]

[1920x1080] - [1680x1050] - [1440x900] - [1280x1024] - [1280x800] - [1024x768]

3. Tophey3046


[1920x1080] - [1680x1050] - [1440x900] - [1280x1024] - [1280x800] - [1024x768]

Enjoy and share with friends!

Kickass Wallpapers Competition!

9226 views    posted 18 Aug 2014, 08:59 by KickassTorrents    
Hi everyone!
We are glad to start our next Wallpapers Competition at!
See details here.

Let's have a little fun!
KAT Team
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