Ah! My Goddess FULL and 100%

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Ah! My Goddess FULL and 100% (Size: 15.86 GB)
  Ah! My Goddess Movie (2000) [720p,HDTV,x264] - THORA
  Ah! My Goddess OST
  Ah! My Goddess OVA 01-05 [Dual Audio]
  Ah! My Goddess Season 1 [Subbed]
  Ah! My Goddess Season 2 [Subbed + Dual Audio]
  Ah! My Goddess TV Special [Subbed]
  mini.goddess.01.let's.tell.a.fortune.[axp.dvdrip].[dual.audio].[A5FC6081].ogm 69.22 MB
  mini.goddess.02.secret.treasure.in.the.attic.-.part.1.[axp.dvdrip].[dual.audio].[469C1A57].ogm 69.53 MB
  mini.goddess.03.secret.treasure.in.the.attic.-.part.2.[axp.dvdrip].[dual.audio].[BB238D92].ogm 69.56 MB
  mini.goddess.04.let's.fly.in.the.sky.[axp.dvdrip].[dual.audio].[9789084B].ogm 69.56 MB
  mini.goddess.05.let's.fly.into.space.[axp.dvdrip].[dual.audio].[605342A9].ogm 69.45 MB
  mini.goddess.06.slimming.down!.go!.[axp.dvdrip].[dual.audio].[85A6BAB7].ogm 69.51 MB
  mini.goddess.07.gabira.the.giant.monster.-.the.birth.[axp.dvdrip].[dual.audio].[FE011F3B].ogm 69.57 MB
  mini.goddess.08.gabira.the.giant.monster.-.the.final.battle.[axp.dvdrip].[dual.audio].[C74BC173].ogm 69.32 MB
  mini.goddess.09.for.whom.the.bell.tolls.-.the.mysterious.can.of.food.[axp.dvdrip].[dual.audio].[8... 69.54 MB
  mini.goddess.10.for.whom.the.bell.tolls.-.the.secret.of.the.diamond.[axp.dvdrip].[dual.audio].[07... 69.48 MB
  Mini.Goddess.11.Gabira.The.Giant.Monster.-.The.Strike.Back.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[92E83C2C].ogm 69.29 MB
  Mini.Goddess.12.Let's.Play.Baseball!.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[2A6E132E].ogm 69.24 MB
  Mini.Goddess.13.Urd's.Babysitting.Adventure.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[953A8DAA].ogm 69.61 MB
  Mini.Goddess.14.The.Proposal.Scheme.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[E1DDB329].ogm 69.51 MB
  Mini.Goddess.15.Welcome.Newlyweds!.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[DA58C2BC].ogm 69.68 MB
  Mini.Goddess.16.Phone.Me.Darling!.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[34491639].ogm 69.42 MB
  Mini.Goddess.17.SOS.In.The.Big.Snowfield.Part.1.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[9E493139].ogm 69.97 MB
  Mini.Goddess.18.SOS.In.The.Big.Snowfield.Part.2.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[DB7182AD].ogm 69.56 MB
  Mini.Goddess.19.Kitchen.Fighters.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[90A65ADB].ogm 69.53 MB
  Mini.Goddess.20.Gan-chan's.Magnificent.Day.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[D545D6EC].ogm 69.71 MB
  Mini.Goddess.21.Ah.My.Buddah!.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[25D425B9].ogm 69.41 MB
  Mini.Goddess.22.The.Story.Of.Gan-chan.-.Love.Me.To.The.Bone.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[1D8F0C66].ogm 69.36 MB
  Mini.Goddess.23.Let's.Form.A.Band.-.Side.A.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[7E491AF4].ogm 69.27 MB
  Mini.Goddess.24.Let's.Form.A.Band.-.Side.B.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[E2DD4A67].ogm 69.15 MB
  Mini.Goddess.25.Chu.Hard.-.Gan-chan's.Desperate.Situation.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[51A5D62... 69.94 MB
  Mini.Goddess.26.Chu.Hard.2.-.Descent.Of.The.Devil.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[B5CB041C].v2.ogm 69.52 MB
  Mini.Goddess.27.Pop!.Goes.The.Urd!.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[9B5B6C4D].ogm 69.27 MB
  Mini.Goddess.28.Rainy.Day.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[61AAA8D0].ogm 70.36 MB
  Mini.Goddess.29.Let's.Meet.In.Our.Dreams.[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[794477C6].ogm 69.79 MB
  Mini.Goddess.30.Female.Detective.Skuld's.First.Case....[AXP.DVDrip].[Dual.Audio].[61C4222E].ogm 69.74 MB
  And 17 files more


This fixes a previous Torrent that only goes up to 99.9%

It contains

Season 1 (Subbed)

Season 2 (Subbed/Dual-Audio),

the movie(Subbed),

Tatakau Tsubasa(Fighting Wings)(Subbed)

TV Special episodes(Dual-Audio),

OVAs(all five)(Dual-Audio),

Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses bonus series,

and OST

all in one torrent.

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15.86 GB
Ah! My Goddess FULL and 100%


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cj1967pa35 • 27 September 2013, 11:38
torrent downloaded
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terrible work putting this together, all jumbled up season 1 subbed only season 2 english dubbed the movie is subbed. Before anyone makes a suggestion use vlc, that is what I always use and there was no second audio for english on season one. IMO a waste of time downloading
linner131435 • 03 May 2013, 09:47
torrent downloaded
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finally complete series thank you uploader and seeders ........;)
yosho545118 • 06 December 2012, 12:03
torrent downloaded
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finaly i found one with all the goods. i am going to seed till i bleed. thanx for the uplodebiggrinbiggrinbiggrin
SupernovaRico974 • 03 August 2012, 11:21
torrent downloaded
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A beautiful series, Superb in every way
KoihimeFan2548 • 08 June 2012, 16:33
torrent downloaded
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9 hours 2 minutes at 515.0kB/s average download speed. Seeded by several peers. Everything seems to be working. Thanks.
theinkedgent1263 • 02 May 2012, 08:34
torrent downloaded
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good work
k.masahiro183 • 16 November 2011, 12:40
torrent downloaded
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i like it, but it is in english dub( at least for the adventures of mini goddesses), is there a complete set like this but with jap language and english subs?
sullymarie150 • 20 September 2011, 11:01
torrent downloaded
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apex2940902 • 08 September 2011, 22:26
torrent downloaded
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Well it took me about a week to download this, but its well worth the wait.. My niece loved it and thats all that matters.. Thank you..
chouwing1288 • 13 April 2011, 02:42
torrent downloaded
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awesome thanks

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