50 Guerilla/Resistance/Unconventional Warfare Tactics Books

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50 Guerilla/Resistance/Unconventional Warfare Tactics Books (Size: 384.56 MB)
  Ambush & Counter Ambush - B-GL-392-008-FP-001.pdf 1.16 MB
  ANC Briefing on Personal Security and Surveillance.pdf 110.49 KB
  Aptitude for destruction 1.pdf 834.99 KB
  Aptitude for destruction 2.pdf 904.28 KB
  Counter-Guerrilla Operations - FM 90-8.pdf 108.44 KB
  Counter-Insurgency Operations - UK Army Code 71749.pdf 830.3 KB
  Counter-Insurgency Ops - FM 3-07.22.pdf 2.87 MB
  Counterguerilla Operations - MCRP 3-33A.pdf 1.76 MB
  Counterterrorism Handbook (2002) - CRC Press.pdf 3.2 MB
  Defending_the_American_Homeland.pdf 1.77 MB
  Defense_of_the_US_Homeland_Against_Strategic_Attack_-_Goure.pdf 158.29 KB
  Emergency Response to Terrorism.pdf 4.49 MB
  Ethnic_Cleansing_Operations_-_FM_6-2003.pdf 5.27 MB
  Guerrilla Warfare and Special Forces Operations - FM 31-21.pdf 11.14 MB
  Guerrilla Warfare Tactics In Urban Environments - Marques, Master's Thesis.pdf 122.03 KB
  Guerrilla Warfare, Prologue - Che Guevara.pdf 95.24 KB
  Guerrillas_in_the_Mist - Bob Newman - Paladin Press.pdf 10.28 MB
  Homeland_Security_and_Geographic_Information_Systems.pdf 23.08 KB
  Homeland_Security_is_FEMA.pdf 103.54 KB
  How to Start & Train a Militia Unit - PM 8--94.pdf 1.38 MB
  Ignore this.txt 19.22 KB
  IRA Green Book, Volumes 1 and 2.pdf 89.02 KB
  IRA Volunteers Handbook - Notes on Guerrilla Warfare.pdf 454.46 KB
  Mao Tse-Tung - On Guerilla Warfare - FMFRP 12-18.pdf 3.94 MB
  Mao Tse-Tung On Guerilla Warfare - FMFRP 12-18.pdf 3.94 MB
  Military Conflict and Terrorism.pdf 551.13 KB
  Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla - Carlos Marighella (1969).pdf 273.01 KB
  Oklahoma_City_Bombing_and_the_Politics_of_Terror_-_David_Hoffman.zip 794.88 KB
  On Guerrilla Warfare - Che Guevara.pdf 254.09 KB
  Order Out Of Chaos (Elite Terrorism & The New World Order).pdf 1.35 MB
  And 22 files more


Of all the torrents that have been released so far, this is one of my most valuable yet.

Topics Include:
-Guerrilla Warfare Tactics
-Underground Resistance
-Guides on Counter-terrorism

This is one of those torrents where you will find this information nowhere else. :)


I am always adding new things, so check this account often.

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50 Guerilla/Resistance/Unconventional Warfare Tactics Books


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immortal_19 • 22 May 2013, 03:37
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OUTSTANDING... Thanks Bro, Best Collection smile
pharoahsghost78 • 26 December 2012, 13:05
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ravenhawk133 • 14 September 2010, 19:49
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Good Lord, this is a SLLLOOOOWWWWWW download! Normally, I have a pretty quick download, even with larger files, but this is taking hours (already an hour and a half and still has more than 2 hours left). Just downloaded a similar size earlier and took only about 34 minutes. It's weird, because it says there is 10.807 available and more than 10 seeders.
The books look great, so I'm really hoping it's worth the 4 hours it looks like it is going to take to download it.

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