1389 Sony Playstation roms

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1389 Sony Playstation roms (Size: 371.49 GB)
  102-dalmatians-puppies-to-the-rescue-ntsc-u-slus-01152-.7z 56.65 MB
  2xtreme-ntsc-u-scus-94508-.7z 247.88 MB
  3d-baseball-ntsc-u-slus-00066-.7z 80.31 MB
  3xtreme-ntsc-u-scus-94231-.7z 166.68 MB
  40-winks-ntsc-u-slus-00874-.7z 323.2 MB
  a-train-u-slus-00003-.rar 43.61 MB
  ace-combat-2-e-sces-00699-.rar 310.07 MB
  ace-combat-2-u-slus-00404-.rar 313.78 MB
  ace-combat-3-electrosphere-u-slus-00972-.rar 322.72 MB
  aces-of-the-air-u-slus-01470-.rar 384.83 MB
  action-bass-u-slus-01248-.7z 63.84 MB
  action-man-operation-extreme-u-slus-00887-.rar 230.84 MB
  activision-classics-u-slus-00777-.7z 49.09 MB
  adidas-power-soccer-98-u-slus-00547-.rar 405.97 MB
  adidas-power-soccer-scus-94502-.rar 248.9 MB
  adventure-of-phix-u-slus-01523-.rar 355.07 MB
  adventures-of-lomax-u-scus-94906-.rar 544.85 MB
  agile-warrior-f-111x-u-slus-00023-.rar 477.06 MB
  air-combat-u-slus-00001-.rar 352.33 MB
  air-hockey-u-slus-01467-.rar 4.86 MB
  akuji-the-heartless-u-slus-00715-.rar 147 MB
  alexi-lalas-international-soccer-u-slus-00872-.rar 48.4 MB
  alien-resurrection-u-slus-00633-.rar 173.76 MB
  alien-trilogy-u-slus-00007-.rar 293.38 MB
  all-star-baseball-u-slus-00392-.rar 141.37 MB
  all-star-racing-2-u-slus-01510-.rar 217.15 MB
  all-star-racing-u-slus-01460-.rar 258.67 MB
  all-star-slammin-dodgeball-u-slus-01431-.7z 77.02 MB
  allied-general-u-slus-00303-.rar 320.6 MB
  alone-in-the-dark-one-eyed-jack-s-revenge-u-slus-00239-.rar 183.87 MB
  And 1358 files more


The Playstation roms that were available at
as of early 2010.

Caution: This is a large torrent (23776 pieces at 16MiB each) and my upload is only around 175KiB/s. Accounting for leechers, it will be months before there is a complete distributed copy of the data.

I am very grateful to anyone that can upload a little more than they download to help grow this torrent.

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371.49 GB
1389 Sony Playstation roms


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Torrent hash: 009a0979afcf4bd3e52abc889d9e7a2652c009c4

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wraith008897 • 01 May 2011, 21:56
Who else came across this torrent by searching the biggest file in KAT?
jamonmeg25 • 04 Oct 2011, 00:41
If these work I will seed forever
anonymous • 22 Oct 2011, 14:23
Hi all, kotenu here. I've given up on thepiratebay.org after having created and lost six different accounts. From now on I'll post here as a guest. Unfortunately, I've been unable to seed for the last two months. Thank you very much to everyone who has uploaded more than they have downloaded, especially long-term seeders. This torrent is looking healthier than ever thanks to you! I'm now back and providing an average 3.5 Mb/s. Long may we live.

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anonymous • 02 February 2015, 09:25 Show comment
My gosh! If i download all of it, my hdd's capacity will be full of ps1 games :D does this torrent work, all?
anonymous • 02 November 2014, 21:04 Show comment
hey can anyone write step by step process how to burn this in cd and play in ps one i burned 1 disc and inserted in ps one after logo screnn showing memorycard and cd can anyone plz help i download upto 100 gb plz answer
anonymous • 20 November 2014, 20:41 Show comment
you have to put a mod chip in your playstation before you can play pirated games you n00b. Get an emulator for your pc and play them.
anonymous • 19 December 2014, 12:14 Show comment
wow the only people that would call someone who simply asks a question a noob is a noob. shame on you
anonymous • 01 February 2015, 15:26 Show comment
Are you that dense? There's tricks to make pirated games to run without wasting money on the game. OP, Just search for PS1 disk swap, it's super easy to do and you just need an original game. I did that when i was 10 so...

msoudfo3 • 26 October 2014, 23:46 Show comment
hey guys go to Emuparadise on the Internet, high speed download of most games and its free! I tried downloading here entill I tried that and it downloads in the browser doesnt bog down your computer like torrents do, you wont regret it
msoudfo3 • 27 October 2014, 01:28 Show comment
oh also you have to un ecm it after you unzip it
anonymous • 04 November 2014, 08:48 Show comment
how do you un ecm them? i have epsx, unzipped them, installed plenty of games, got other roms to work for psx, but i have never worked with ecm format. which programs un ecms them?
anonymous • 20 November 2014, 20:48 Show comment
fuck emuparadise's crap roms. Most of their shit is way outdated, which is why a lot of it is ecm'd. You need a special unpacker for that shit. About 5 or 6 years ago a bunch of idiots decided it would be beneficial to ECM and then zip the isos to save space, but all ecm does is compress the zero data in the disc images, and if there isn't much of that kind of data it's a waste of time, because it doesn't really make the zip compression that much better. You save about maybe 5 or 10 megabytes per image TOPS. A lot of their other images are in that lossy ISO+MP3 or OGG format too. If you want good 1:1 copies always get stuff listed on Redump.org. Best place to find that stuff is doperoms.com when the fuckin server isn't saying it's too busy, or nitroroms.com but they have a 1GB download cap per day.

The_Dude_482 • 08 September 2014, 20:36
torrent downloaded
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need seeds! :)
damahom191 • 19 August 2014, 21:03
torrent downloaded
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Builgepump75 • 05 August 2014, 16:13
torrent downloaded
Show comment
Thank you
Builgepump75 • 05 August 2014, 16:12
torrent downloaded
Show comment
Thank you
moerewa43290 • 23 June 2014, 08:05
torrent downloaded
Show comment
very very good thanks
skidxr815 • 02 May 2014, 10:20 Show comment
Took me 11 weeks to download, I've tested a lot of the roms on epsxe for windows and android they all work fine so far. Seeding as fast as I can now.
Also I'd like to thank the uploader who put this all together and shared it, you are a hero in my eyes.

Last edited by skidxr8, 11 months ago

nitrooxx45 • 24 March 2014, 19:05
torrent downloaded
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muy buena velocidad de bajada a 3mbs recomendado
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